2017 Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program

Use Less and Do More this 2017 with the Home Energy Conservation (HEC) Program 

Save on Home Energy Expenses!

A large portion of household expenses goes into energy costs. The more energy your family consumes, the more you pay over time. But imagine if you could cut back on energy use with efficient practices at home. Your energy savings can go towards education, retirement, and even vacations.

One way you can lower your energy consumption and earn savings is by upgrading your home’s heating and cooling systems. These two energy expenses comprise the largest chunk of your monthly energy bills.

Upgrading your home heating and cooling systems are not just ways to stay updated with latest technology. These are also cost-saving mechanisms you can employ. The latest systems are more energy-efficient, helping you earn savings on energy costs in the long run.

Not only does upgrading help you save money with a more efficient heating and cooling system, but you can also receive rebates of thousands of dollars. How? Keep reading!

Rebates with Constant Home Comfort

Constant Home Comfort carries the latest heating and cooling systems fit for your home and designed around your modern lifestyle. We work to provide you with HVAC equipment that makes your home comfortable and energy-efficient at the same time,  saving you on monthly energy bills. By upgrading your home’s systems, you can earn savings and receive incentives for doing your share in the environment.

These savings and incentives are made possible with the Home Energy Conservation (HEC) Program. With the HEC program, you can easily improve your home’s energy efficiency, lower your bills and reduce your impact on the environment. Qualified homeowners earn incentives of up to $ 2,100.

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Taking Advantage of the 2017 HEC Program Now!

Here’s everything you need to know about upgrading your home’s heating and cooling system to participate in the Home Energy Conservation (HEC) Program and earn savings this 2017


To qualify for the HEC Program rebate, your home must meet the following criteria:

A) Your home must be heated with natural gas, oil, propane boiler or furnace or wood stove.

B) You must live within the Enbridge Gas Program Delivery Area.

C) You must be an Enbridge Gas customer and have a valid Enbridge account in good standing; if you heat your home with oil, wood or propane, you must provide a current tax bill for your property.

D) You must contact a Certified Energy Auditor approved by Enbridge Gas Distribution to ensure that you qualify.

To ensure a smooth qualification process, make note of the following:

Pre-qualification must first be completed on the phone with a Certified Energy Auditor approved by Enbridge Gas Distribution before a Pre-Retrofit Energy Audit is conducted.

Customers whose homes are already undergoing insulation or thermal work will not be able to qualify for the HEC Program.

The HEC Program is only available for residential detached or semi-detached homes and townhouses. Multi-residential buildings or condominiums are not included in the program.

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The program will requires an energy audit of your home. This means that your home will need to assessed in order to determine your household’s current energy use. The audit will reveal areas where you can make improvements, also known as retrofits, in order to begin the process of making your home more energy-efficient. These retrofits aim to help you conserve more energy,  and thus save more money over time. Before improvements can be made, an energy audit must be conducted by a Certified Energy Auditor approved by Enbridge Gas Distribution to certify that your home qualifies for the program. Pre and post energy audits must be scheduled by December 31st, 2017.

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To qualify for the HEC Program incentive, you must implement at least two of the following recommended energy upgrades in your home. The Certified Energy Auditor consulting on your home will advise you regarding areas of your home that need upgrade to achieve 15% in fuel savings and qualify for the incentive.

To ensure that your home’s energy upgrades are cost-effective, check out the following upgrades offered by Enbridge:

Attic Insulation: Ensuring that you have effective attic insulation prevents heated and cooled air from escaping through the top of your home, thus saving on energy.

Basement Wall Insulation: Proper insulation in your basement prevents loss of heat and condensation that avoids molds. This also makes your basement a useful and comfortable living or storage space.

Wall Insulation: Improving insulation in walls keeps heat inside your home during the winter, and out during the summer. This keeps your home comfortable throughout the changes in seasons and your energy bills lower.

Exposed floor: The underside of your home’s floors exposed to unheated spaces, such as a room over the garage, should be insulated as well to keep floors warm and moving around your house comfortable.

Air Sealing: Your home’s heating system works extra hard to keep your home warm and cozy when there is an air leakage. Proper sealing prevents drafts, promotes comfort and lowers your energy costs.

Window Replacements: Improved windows prevent costly drafts and condensation. These also allow in solar grains for heat in the winter, and provide solar shading to cool your home in the summer.

High-Efficiency Heating System Installation (natural gas, propane, oil or wood): A new and improved high-efficiency heating system, such as the many furnace models offered by Constant Home Comfort, improve climate control in your home, provides energy savings and promotes comfort indoors.

High-Efficiency Water Heating System Installation (natural gas, propane, oil or wood): An efficient or tankless water heater can help reduce your home’s consumption of natural gas, providing you with energy savings.

Drain Water Heat Recovery System Installation: Drain Water Heat recovery units preheat water going into your water tank with warm water coming from your home’s showers or dishwasher, letting your water tank cut back on its work. The reduced energy output of your water heater lowers energy bills.

Air Source Heat Pump (natural gas, propane, oil or wood): Air-source heat pumps draw heat from outside air during the heating season, and rejects heat outside during the summer cooling season, saving your home energy costs.


After installing energy upgrades in your home, a post-retrofit energy audit enables you to compare your energy scores from before and after the upgrade. This is positive proof that your energy efficiency upgrades made a difference, and will continue to do so as you reap future savings in the form of lower energy costs, lower environmental impact and comfortable living with the ones you love.

From here you can qualify for your rebate. Give us a call at 1-888-675-5907 and start saving on energy today!