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Attic Insulation 101: Earn Energy Rebates In The GTA

Did you know that earning energy rebates in Ontario as simple as making eco-friendly improvements throughout your house? For starters, consider upgrading the insulation in your home. Not only will a well-insulated home help you reduce your heating and cooling costs, it also helps to shrink your home’s carbon footprint dramatically.

With rebates of up to $7,200 on insulation, going green practically pays for itself. Whether you need help upgrading the insulation in your attic or applying for an energy rebate, our team at Constant Home Comfort has the knowledge and experience to help. When you hire our contractors, you won’t have to lift a finger – simply sit back, relax and wait for the rebate cheque to come in the mail.

Do your part to fight climate change and earn rebates for doing so by going green and upgrading your attic insulation today. To learn more about attic insulation and how you can save, keep reading:

Attic Insulation 101

Did you know that by simply upgrading or adding insulation to your attic, you could see up to a 25% reduction in your family’s energy expenses? While turning down the heat or AC when you’re not at home during the day is a great way to reduce heating and cooling costs year-round, having a well-insulated home has actually been proven to be the most cost-effective way to save energy and money in the long-run. This is because with proper attic insulation, home owners can ensure that any gaps and cracks are covered, preventing the heat and/or AC from escaping their home.

The Different Types of Attic Insulation

Today, there are various types of attic insulation available in the market including blanket insulation, blown-in or loose-fill insulation, and spray foam insulation. All ideal for use in the attic, each type is associated with its own benefits, including:

Blanket Insulation

Most commonly used for insulation of large building envelopes blanket insulation is suitable for application in the attic. Made from fiberglass, rock wool or natural fibres, blanket insulation is typically installed along the walls of attics, working to block the transfer of heat through walls and are a great way to cover large sections of space you need insulated.

Blown-in or Loose-fill Insulation

Ideal for filling cavities, attics, and other hard-to-reach places, blown-in and loose-fill insulation is made from fiberglass and/or cellulose (recycled paper). The thick layer of insulation is meticulously sprayed in your attic, creating a seamless coat of insulation which covers the floor, walls and all other nooks and crannies that blanket insulation may miss.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a unique insulation created by a chemical reaction of two composite materials combining and expanding once dispensed. As one of the most popular & highly requested methods to use for attic insulation today, spray foam insulation gives your attic additional protection against infestations and water damage by naturally sealing up any cracks, holes or crevices that blanket insulation and blown-in or loose-fill insulation may miss. Typically used for attic and wall insulation, spray foam insulation helps seal up cavities, provides tight air sealing in your home, and is also rodent and water resistant for added protection.

Earning Energy Rebates

Thanks to programs including GreenON and the Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program, upgrading your attic insulation can come at little to no cost to you. Offering energy rebates of up to $7,200 for attic insulation, these programs work in the home owner’s favour, offering substantial financial incentives to those who choose to go green and make eco-friendly improvements within their home.

The process is easy. Simply ask a participating contractor like our team at Constant Home Comfort for help with the installation process. From the manual labour itself to paperwork associated with filing your claim, our team’s got you covered. Don’t wait up — earn generous rebates from the government and Enbridge when you invest in attic insulation today.

Unsure what type of insulation works best for your home’s application? Our team of highly-skilled contractors have the knowledge and experience to help you decide. Give us a call at 1-888-675-5907 today to discuss how you can earn energy rebates in the GTA for upgrading your attic insulation.

4 Tips for Keeping Your New Lennox AC in Top Shape Until Next Summer

Summer may be officially over, but it sure doesn’t feel like it yet in Scarborough – and in these last few days, you’re still finding a good use for your AC. But being an older, less energy-efficient model, what if it breaks down? It’s easy to think that it’s not the best time to get yourself a new Lennox AC because the fall breeze could be rolling in anytime soon, but how much longer can you wait out the heat? And even if you can, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of amazing end of summer deals on the prices of Lennox ACs and services in Scarborough?

Record-Low End of Summer Lennox AC Prices

With the lowest prices of both Lennox ACs and furnaces, there has never been a better time to upgrade your home’s heating and cooling, keeping you comfortable all year. You earn savings in energy bills, as well as massive rebates of up to $4,250 when you get a new Lennox AC or furnace with us – definitely more cost-effective than prices later this year, or as soon as it’s warm again!

Did you recently take advantage of Lennox AC prices in our end of summer sale? Here’s how you can get a good use out of your new AC in the last of summer, and make sure it’s in top shape when you’ll need it again early next year:

Change Filters

Changing the air filter on your AC unit is an effortless task you can do before the colder months or summer starts next year, so your new Lennox AC will function at its best when you’ll need it again. It is highly recommended to do so to ensure that the quality of air at home is in top condition. A clogged up filter causes the system to overheat and also increases the use of electricity. The use of more energy is very costly, by replacing your filter every other month you can protect your AC in the long term and for it to run smoothly.

Cleaning Coils and Drain Line

Your AC unit should be maintained when it is working harder than it should be. In order for your Lennox AC to function down the road, it is highly recommended to remove debris and dust with a brook or a garden hose. This can prevent any malfunctions in the future. If there are blockages in the drain – hot water will unclog any small blockages whereas if the blockages become larger, you can get in touch with our Lennox AC service in Scarborough.

Get Rid of Obstructions

Check to make sure that the outdoor unit is not blocked by any large objects such as, plants, or even small debris that may have accumulated over a period of time. Make sure all objects are at least a foot away from your Lennox AC unit to avoid any further damage. The indoor AC units should also be free from any possible obstruction in order for it to run efficiently.

Program the Thermostat

You should raise the temperature slightly during times when you aren’t at home whereas you can turn the temperature down during the night or when you return. This can help reduce any unnecessary strain on your AC unit and it also helps you save on utility costs. It is universally approved that the most environmentally friendly and most energy-efficient temperature is 25.5 degrees celsius.

Did your old AC break down just as summer ended? With massive rebates and sale prices, it’s the best time to keep cool with a new Lennox AC until the fall breeze rolls around & as soon as it’s warm again! Call us at 1 888 829 1875 for our end of summer sale!

Getting Your Lennox AC Ready for the Colder Days Ahead in Vaughan

Your AC is vital for hot summers in Vaughan, and turning on your AC at the beginning of summer to find it broken is a disaster. And now as quickly as the seasons change, you’re finding less use for your AC, but you know you’ll need it anyway once the seasons change again. So between that time, how can you make sure that your AC remains in top shape, even when no used?

Below you will find some protective measures and maintenance procedures against the damage that winters in pose to the external part of your AC as it’s left installed in the cold winter months, so you can rest easy knowing it will start right up next summer. If your AC didn’t work as well as you’d have liked this summer, or broke down, now is the best time to buy an energy efficient Lennox AC at an amazing price.

Turn the AC off

Sometimes the AC unit can turn on during an unusually warm winter day in Vaughan, taking in water which can freeze and damage the unit when it gets colder again. So it’s best to turn the unit completely off using the switch on the AC unit’s electrical circuit, which can be found under a metal or plastic covering.

If your AC’s electronics, or sensors, are damaged, and it turns on or off at inconvenient times, it’s time to switch to a Lennox. Get a Lennox AC at a great price today from Constant Home Comfort in Vaughan, or book a maintenance service with our experienced techs to learn more about correctly operating your AC.

Clean your AC

Summer in Vaughan can do some damage to your AC unit as well. Bird droppings, dead bugs, dirt, dust, leaves, branches, and grass clippings can all hinder your AC’s performance, so make sure to clean your AC unit before the winter, so it can be in top condition when you need it next summer. You can spray the unit down with water, and let it dry, before covering it up. Not sure how to best clean your AC? Book our Lennox AC maintenance service for expert cleaning and repairs. If you find that your AC is badly damaged, or underperforming, consider a new Lennox AC from CHC at a great price.

Protect your pipes

Use foam covers to protect and insulate the pipes near the outside AC unit against the freezing temperatures in Vaughan. This will ensure that your pipes don’t burst or sustain damage due to the cold, and you can have some peace of mind knowing your AC will work without any hassle next summer. If your AC unit is damaged as a  result of Vaughan Winter hazards, it’s time for a new Lennox AC at an amazing price.

Cover the outside unit

Cover the outside unit with a plastic/vinyl covering to protect it against Vaughan’s winter weather. You can purchase a new cover if your old one is too worn, but make sure you choose a cover that’s waterproof and winter appropriate. Wrap vinyl ropes or bungee cords around the air conditioning cover to keep it secure against the wind. The summer isn’t over yet, and now is the best time to buy a new air conditioner for a low price. Check out the efficient Lennox ACs from Constant Home Comfort.

Want to get a new AC to stay comfortable as the last of summer rolls around, and when the sun comes back out? Get a Lennox AC at an incredible price today, including rebates we handle for you in our End of Summer Sale! Call Constant Home Comfort in Vaughan at 1 888 829 1875 to learn more.

Spring Tips for Fresher Air at Home

hvac rebates markham

Spring cleaning is a tradition for clearing out the clutter that accumulated over the Winter, and ushering in fresh new life as the cold weather fades away. One part of the home that many people tend to forget during Spring cleaning is their HVAC systems. These systems help to maintain suitable temperatures indoors and preserve a cozy atmosphere year-round. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to clean their furnace or air conditioner, so scheduling a maintenance check is a better option. A trained technician can not only clean your HVAC system, but they can also optimize its performance, or determine if a new high efficiency furnace or AC is necessary.

Right now you can get HUGE energy rebates by upgrading to a Lennox HVAC system in the Markham area. There are also other ways to take advantage of these rebates, such as well as improving cooling and insulation by maximizing features such as windows and doors. Here’s how you can Spring clean your home for optimal heating and cooling.

Schedule an HVAC Maintenance Check or Upgrade

With the weather improving, you can give your furnace a break from heating up your home. Although the weather is getting nicer, it’s never to early to start thinking about next winter. If you noticed that your energy bills kept increasing over the winter, it’s probably time to start looking into replacing your furnace for a more energy efficient one. Upgrading to a high efficiency furnace, such as one of Lennox’s models, not only will you save on monthly energy, but right now you can also get money back with energy rebates. So not only are you saving money, you’re earning some back too!

Likewise, as it’s not quite hot enough to turn on the AC, you can enjoy the cool Spring breeze get your AC checked out for efficiency as well. To help you properly decide on an HVAC upgrade, it helps to schedule a maintenance check with your HVAC technician. During the maintenance check, they will check your air conditioning unit to make sure that it is still working in optimal condition. This includes things like replacing the filters to keep away allergens and pollutants outside so they won’t affect the quality of air you and your family breathes. A maintenance check will show you how your HVAC’s performance can be optimized to help you save on energy bills. On the other hand, if the maintenance check shows that your HVAC is now outdated and unable to efficiently regulate temperatures indoors, and your energy bills keep increasing, you will need an upgrade.

A new, high efficiency and energy-saving HVAC may sound costly at first, but with an energy efficient model, a dealer that will get you a great deal on your HVAC system, and cash rebates, in the long run you’ll be saving a lot more money. Not only will your family be thanking you, your bank account will too.

Maximize Your Home’s Fixtures

Aside from your HVAC system, there are some other ways you can optimize your Markham home to become more energy efficient. To start, inspect your doors and windows. Check if these need caulking, as the sealant helps in keeping out heat and humidity in the summer, and cold drafts in the winter. By maintaining a cool temperature indoors, you won’t have to blast the AC and rack up electric bills in the process to stay comfortable at home.

You should also check for holes in your windows or screen doors and fix these to keep the cool air in your home and avoid heat from entering as the days warm up. On cooler days, think twice before turning on your air conditioner. Instead, naturally cool your home by opening doors and windows to let fresh air flow in and keep you comfortable. All these will help you save on energy, and in turn energy bills.

Did your Spring cleaning reveal problems HVAC systems? Improve your home’s heating and cooling with an upgraded HVAC system. Schedule a maintenance check in Markham by calling Constant Home Comfort at 1-888-829-1875.

3 Reasons to Start Spring Cleaning with HVAC

hvac rebates markham

Spring is right around the corner in Markham, and it’s a good time to start thinking about spring cleaning. As the seasons change and you usher in growth and new life, one fixture in your home works year-round and could use either an upgrade or maintenance check: your HVAC system.

To check whether you need an HVAC upgrade (including rebates) or see if its performance can be optimized, HVAC maintenance for your furnace and AC should be the first item on your home’s entry to spring checklist. Here, we’ll learn why your HVAC should have top priority.

Enter Spring with a new, energy-saving HVAC system, or book a maintenance appointment to ensure optimal performance. Call us at 1-888-829-1875  for a free quote.

Prevent Allergens from Spreading

Your HVAC system does not just work to keep your house cool and relaxing in the summer, and warm and cozy in the winter. By providing good ventilation and enabling air to properly circulate, it also helps in filtering airborne allergens that may cause health issues. As your HVAC system works over the years, its air filter accumulates mold, dust, pet dander and other airborne allergens that can slip out over time and affect the quality of air your family breathes.

An HVAC upgrade or maintenance check will point these out to you, and depending on the age and effectiveness of your current HVAC system, you can opt for a cost and energy-saving upgrade or you may be able to address these issues with HVAC maintenance. Both are good ways to spring clean your home’s heating and cooling system, and provide your family clean and fresh air.

Avoid Large Emergency Costs

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, right? That’s how a lot of us think, and unfortunately, these decisions aren’t always our brightest moments. Your Lennox HVAC system is designed to last a long time, but as with all machines, it gradually wears out throughout the years with frequent use. An HVAC system works year-round, often without rest to make your home comfortable as the seasons change. Over time, performance issues arise, newer and more efficient models are made, and your HVAC system finally has to be retired. Waiting for it to finally break down before getting a replacement isn’t the smartest move; often this results in large emergency expenses you’re not prepared for. It turns out to be more expensive, and the surprise takes a large toll on your household budget.

Spring signals a fresh start, and it’s a great time to clean up and make fresh changes.

If you have been noticing increases in your energy bills but find the temperatures in your home still not optimal, it’s a good time to schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment to have a technician optimize your system’s performance. If your HVAC system is older and its model has long been outdated, it’s a good time to weigh the costs of an energy-saving upgrade to a new system.  Both HVAC tasks will guarantee your family not only continued comfort at home, but also savings on energy costs and manageable electric bills.

Stay Cozy as the Seasons Change

When your home’s HVAC system is professionally Spring cleaned through upgrades or maintenance, you can breathe easy knowing that it will perform well throughout the year. An energy-efficient and well-maintained HVAC system will keep your home at its coolest when the summer heat takes over, and at its warmest and coziest starting when the crisp fall air arrives, all through the freezing, winter cold.

Take advantage of huge energy rebates and save money by upgrading to a new Lennox AC/furnace with Constant Home Comfort. Not sure if you need an upgrade? Schedule a maintenance check. Call us at 1-888-829-1875  for a free quote today!

Get the Most Out of Your HVAC as Seasons Change

Air conditioning filter cleaning

The change in seasons results in unpredictable weather; one day it’s nice and sunny, then the next day there’s a blizzard. This makes deciding between your air conditioner and furnace tricky. But this also gives you the chance to get creative in saving energy and staying comfortable. As temperatures slowly climb out of the negatives in Toronto, but still remain cool, there could be lesser need for both heating and cooling. When temperatures reach this happy medium, you can properly decide if your home needs an HVAC upgrade.

Right now with Constant Home Comfort, you can earn some major rebates and energy savings by upgrading your HVAC systems, and adding some energy-saving upgrades to your home. Learn how you can manage your Lennox HVAC and home fixtures to stay comfortable as the seasons change.

Check your HVAC system and plan energy-saving upgrades for rebates and lower bills. Call us at 1-888-829-1875 for a free quote today or get one online!

Save Energy this Spring

There are some simple ways you can save on energy during the Spring. Before you turn on the air conditioning, you can try closing the drapes or opening the windows. On cooler Spring days, you can open the windows and let your home cool naturally. You can also close the drapes to reduce the amount of heat that the sunlight brings into your home. These will keep your home comfortable enough without having to turn up the thermostat or turn on the AC.

It also helps to run a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air and regulate the temperature so that stays perfectly warm and cozy. If you find that you need to cool down your home just a bit, but going back to using the AC will instantly make your house too cold, a ceiling fan is a good alternative. You can install fans in areas where you spend the most time, keeping these spaces cool. When taking a shower, you can run the exhaust ventilation to usher moist and warm air out of your home, keeping it cool.

When the warmer weather hits the outdoors become a lot more inviting. If you’re starting to venture outdoors again, it would be a good time to cooking on your grill rather than opting for the oven. The oven’s heat could warm up your house a little too much, causing your AC to need to work harder to regulate the temperature in your home, and increasing your monthly energy expenses.

Stay Comfortable throughout the Seasons

As the temperatures climb and the days become warmer, it’s a good time to think about what your house needs, and look into scheduling some necessary upgrades, such as a new, energy-efficient HVAC system. Plus, when you get a new HVAC system installed, you can earn thousands of dollars in rebates. For example, if you noticed that your furnace did not keep your house as warm as it did in past years, that could mean it’s time to replace it. Lennox has some high quality furnaces that will not only save you on monthly utility bills, but will get you some money back with rebates as well.

You can start your home’s HVAC upgrade with a routine maintenance check. Since it’s the end of furnace season, it’s a good time to look back at your energy bills over the winter to get an idea of how well your furnace performed. If you notice that your bills kept increasing, or are significantly more expensive from previous years, it’s time to start thinking about replacing your furnace. You can also look into upgrading insulation and sealing air leaks. This will aid in preventing heat from entering your home as warm spring and summer days roll around, helping you save on AC expenses. By the time the next cold days come, good insulation and sealed air leaks will also prevent heat loss, keeping you warm and comfortable.

Stay comfortable at home as the seasons change with energy-saving HVAC upgrades. Earn rebates when you install an energy efficient AC or furnace! Book an upgrade by calling 1-888-829-1875 today!

7 Signs Your Home Needs a New Lennox Furnace


lennox furnace service markham

There is nothing more soothing than coming home to the cozy comfort only our own place can give. Do you constantly find yourself turning up the heat, but still not feeling the warmth you want? If your house does not seem as warm and cozy as it did through the past winters, it might be time to upgrade your furnace instead of just turning up the heat and racking up your electric bill.

Upgrade to a  Lennox furnace  by calling Constant Home Comfort in Markham and give your home back that cozy feeling while putting money back in your pockets!

Here are seven signs your home needs an upgrade to a new furnace:

Energy Costs Rising?

If you have noticed your electric bill slowly rising year after year, it could be because you are using an older hvac system, which is not energy-efficient. All newer furnace models in recent years are known to be much more energy-efficient and as a result, cost-effective.  While getting a new furnace sounds expensive at first, your long-term savings will definitely outweigh that cost. A great bonus is the Heating and Cooling Incentive Program in Ontario.

Upgrade to a new Lennox furnace for your home in Markham, and you will receive rebates for reducing your impact on the environment and taking steps towards using energy both efficiently and responsibly.

Constant Home Comfort will even file your application for these incentives on your behalf, leaving you warm with an improved heating system, and worry-free rich in savings!

Repair Requirements Adding Up?

As with any home appliance, it’s normal for your furnace to need little repairs and maintenance checks once in awhile to replace parts. But if you find yourself spending more on repairs these days, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Tell-tale signs include calling a service technician many times to fix the same issues, needing to have several visits during winter for maintenance and noticing increases in your regular heating expenses. It’s helpful to remember that if your furnace’s annual repair costs are now at least half the value of the equipment, it’s definitely time to say goodbye and get your home an upgrade.

Ageing Not-So-Gracefully

Nothing lasts forever, even what was once the top heating system on the market. Over the years, technology improves and new furnaces are developed to heat your home more effectively and efficiently.  Typically, a good furnace lasts around 15 years. That sounds like a long time, but as we build our lives around our homes, keeping a home and not just a house requires maintenance.

Older furnaces operate at just around 65% efficiency or worse, as they go down the line. A new, fully-serviced Lennox furnace can give you back the missing 35%, making your home more comfortable and your pockets full of savings on energy costs. If your furnace is hitting the 15 year mark – it’s time for an upgrade.

Lack of Warmth and Comfort

If your idea of staying warm at home is constantly turning up the heating, it might be time to consider a furnace upgrade. As older systems deteriorate, you will find yourself having to turn up the temperature more frequently while noticing a decline in your level of warmth and comfort no matter how much you try to adjust the heating. An upgraded Lennox furnace will save you the trouble of achieving a suitable level of warmth and reduce the energy costs you were previously racking up with the heater in the process.

Too Low Humidity

With low humidity in the winter, your home feels colder, tricking you into turning up the heat. A new furnace efficiently controls humidity levels indoors, maintaining a safe balance that helps to avoid ruining furniture, sore throats and chapped skin by adding or removing moisture before it enters your home’s heating system. If you are finding yourself constantly turning up the heat but are still not feeling warm enough, or are noticing damages to furniture due to the cold, it’s time to look at your home’s heating system and upgrade to a new Lennox furnace.

Dangerous Air

Apart from temperature indoors, there are a number of factors that affect the effectiveness of your home’s heating system. You will notice these issues such as airborne allergens in the form of pollen, bacteria, dust and pet dander, and foul odors that can cause allergic reactions at home. These unhealthy living conditions could take a toll on your family. An effective, long-term prevention method is creating healthy living conditions. If you notice your family developing allergies at home, you should look into an expertly designed and properly installed heating and cooling system that prevent airborne allergens and foul odors entering your home. Upgrading to a new furnace will keep your family warm, healthy and happy this winter.

Peace Disruption

Your furnace should promote comfort, not disturb your peace at home. A loud heating system may indicate mechanical issues, some beyond repair as your furnace ages and is phased out. Getting a new Lennox furnace at home means enjoying a break from the noise pollution outside as new furnaces work seamlessly in the background to provide you with comfort.

Still cold indoors? Switch to a new Lennox furnace and stay warm and happy this winter with Constant Home Comfort in Markham! Call 1-888-829-1875 today!

Upgrade Your HVAC System and Qualify for Furnace Rebates in Toronto


Home HVAC Rebates FurnaceAccording to Toronto Hydro, as much as 60% of our annual electricity payments go to heating and cooling our homes. On top of these costs, we regularly have to upgrade our home’s heating systems depending on their effectiveness throughout the years and changes in Ontario’s energy regulations. Upgrading your HVAC system seems expensive at first, but did you know that you can be rewarded for switching to newer systems? With furnace rebates in Toronto, you won’t just have a quieter and more reliable furnace to get your family through the winter; you’ll also be rewarded with energy rebates paid by the government and utility companies for helping save the environment.

Upgrade your Toronto home’s furnace and claim rebates with Constant Home Comfort. Call for a free consultation at 1-888-829-1875 or fill out a contact form here today!

How to Qualify for Furnace Rebates in Toronto

Qualifying for furnace rebates in Toronto is an easy three-step procedure:

First, your new heating system should be purchased from and installed by a contractor participating in Toronto Hydro’s Save on Energy incentive, such as Constant Home Comfort.

Next, when you purchase your new furnace and have it installed, your contractor will complete and submit your online incentive form. You will then receive an email to confirm the details of your new furnace and the rebates you are applying for before approving the submission.

After you file the incentive form online, you can move on to the last step. In this part, you will have to send Toronto Hydro the proof of purchase for your new, energy-saving furnace, and a completed copy of your online incentive form. This can be done through mail, fax or email. At Constant Home Comfort, we help you every step of the way. We will even fill in the forms for you, and send in your proof of purchase so that you don’t have to worry. You should then receive your incentive cheque for upgrading your home’s furnace and helping the environment within four to eight weeks of Toronto Hydro receiving your application.

Full Furnace and Rebates Service by Constant Home Comfort

Constant Home Comfort is a one-stop-shop for all your heating and cooling needs. We won’t just sell you a new furnace and install it in your home – we’ll help you get energy savings by filing rebates for you!

With us, you’ll receive expert advice on how to maximize your comfort and get the best value for your investment. We’ll talk about all the rebates you are entitled to when you upgrade to a new, energy-saving heating system that’s good for the environment. Toronto Hydro’s furnace rebates application says contractors will only install your new furnace and fill out their part in your online incentive form. But Constant Home Comfort takes everything off your hands. We handle all aspects of your rebate application and file it for you. With our newest furnaces and expert installation and maintenance services, you won’t just get long-term savings on your household’s energy costs. You’ll get rewarded by the Ontario government and utility companies for going greener and cleaner without stressing over the whole procedure!

Go green with a new energy-saving furnace. Claim your furnace rebates in Toronto with Constant Home Comfort at 1-888-829-1875 or fill out a contact form here today!





† 3 Months No Payments, No Interest subject to credit approval. Minimum purchase of $1000 (including taxes).
A $39.95 Administration fee will be debited from your account after installation. The transaction is interest-free during the promotional period. Payment in full must be made prior to or on the due date or else any unpaid balance at the end of the promotional interest-free period will incur interest at the applicable annually rate in accordance with the Terms and Conditions on your Equal Payment Agreement. Representative credit agreement: Purchase amount $5,000, if balance is not paid by end of promotional period, subsequent APR is 8.95%, minimum monthly payments are $56.75 for 60 months with an amortization period of 144 months.

Cost of borrowing for the initial term is $1,978.45. For Quebec Province only: minimum monthly payments are $103.65 for 60 months with an amortization period of 60 months. Cost of borrowing for the initial term is $1,219. Financing provided by SNAP Home Finance. Offer available through SNAP Home Finance participating dealers only. Ask for details. Offer expires November 15, 2015.

*Cool Cash offer valid August 15 – November 15, 2015 through participating Carrier dealers only. Installations must be completed by November 30, 2015. Homeowner must claim rebate at by December 15, 2015, 6:00pm CT. Rebates paid on qualifying products. System rebates range from $0 to $1,100 depending on purchase. System rebate increases to advertised $1,465 rebate with addition of Infinity® Touch™ Wi-Fi control or bundle, Infinity® air purifier and steam humidifier.



Only consumers within the continental United States and Canada are eligible for this promotion.

Only Carrier systems sold as a replacement for the homeowner’s existing system or as an add-on to an existing home qualify. No commercial applications, new construction applications or multi-family applications are eligible for this promotion.

Unit(s) must be purchased between eligible sale and installation dates to qualify. All claims must be processed by 6:00pm CST on the program end date in order to qualify for Carrier’s Cool Cash rebate. All deadlines are final and late submissions will not be accepted.

Rebates will be paid in the form of a prepaid card issued to the submitting homeowner and mailed to the address listed on the claim. Recipients should expect to receive their prepaid card via mail within 4-6 weeks of the date claim was submitted.

+3 Months No Payments, No Interest subject to credit approval. Minimum purchase of $1000 (including taxes). A $39.95 Administration fee will be debited from your account after installation. The transaction is interest-free during the promotional period. Payment in full must be made prior to or on the due date or else any unpaid balance at the end of the promotional interest-free period will incur interest at the applicable annually rate in accordance with the Terms and Conditions on your Equal Payment Agreement. Representative credit agreement: Purchase amount $5,000, if balance is not paid by end of promotional period, subsequent APR is 8.95%, minimum monthly payments are $56.75 for 60 months with an amortization period of 144 months. Cost of borrowing for the initial term is $1,978.45. For Quebec Province only: minimum monthly payments are $103.65 for 60 months with an amortization period of 60 months. Cost of borrowing for the initial term is $1,219. Financing provided by SNAP Home Finance. Offer available through SNAP Home Finance participating dealers only. Ask for details. Offer expires June 30, 2015.
*Cool Cash offer valid March 15 – June 30, 2015 through participating Carrier dealers only. Installations must be completed by July 15, 2015. Homeowner must claim rebate at by July 31, 2015, 6:00pm CT. Rebates paid on qualifying products. System rebates range from $0 to $1,100 depending on purchase. System rebate increases to advertised $1,465 rebate with addition of Infinity® Touch™ Wi-Fi control or bundle, Infinity® air purifier and steam humidifier.

2015 Enbridge Community Energy Conservation Program(GTA)


As of June 16, 2015, the Home Energy Conservation program is no longer accepting new applicants for the remainder of 2015. Due to an overwhelming response to the program we have reached the maximum number of enrollments.

The 2015 Home Energy Conservation program is closed to new applicants. If you had not scheduled a pre-retrofit energy audit prior to June 16, 2015 with a Certified Energy Auditor then you are not eligible for the 2015 Home Energy Conservation Program. Your pre-retrofit energy audit can take place after June 16, 2015, but must have been scheduled prior to June 16, 2015 to qualify for the incentive.

In order to qualify for an incentive under the 2015 Home Energy Conservation program, a customer must complete their recommended home energy upgrades and post-retrofit audit by July 31, 2015.

Save Up to $2,000 in Valuable Incentives

The Home Energy Conservation Program will continue in 2015. Enbridge Gas Distribution is proud to offer the Home Energy Conservation Program in York Region and other select areas in Toronto, Durham, Ottawa and Niagara. Complete with energy expertise and valuable incentives of up to $2,000 to qualified homeowners, this program makes it easy and affordable for you to understand and improve the energy efficiency of your home, lower your energy bills and lessen your home’s impact on the environment.

Enbridge Gas Distribution is committed to the communities we serve. We believe that, when we all work together, we have the energy to make a difference. That’s why we have created the Home Energy Conservation Program. It’s one of Enbridge’s conservation programs, but not our first. As a company dedicated to helping our customers reduce their natural gas consumption, we’ve been offering energy conservation programs and incentives since 1995.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have already completed your first audit, you have until December 31st, 2015 to complete all the work as outlined with the Energy Auditor. Your final audit can be completed up to January 31st, 2016.*

If you have received an initial audit incentive (valued at $350) from another Enbridge Gas Distribution program (i.e. Home Rating), the total energy audit value will be deducted from the incentive you receive for Home Energy Conservation. Energy audit vouchers cannot be used or combined with multiple offers.

Only one enrolment for incentive per household is permitted.

*If you entered the program because your furnace had to be replaced due to a no heat circumstance, this will be considered an exception.

Step 1 – Qualification

Before you can participate in the program, review the following points to make sure you qualify;

A) You must have an active Enbridge Gas Account in good standing; the primary heat source for the home must be natural gas.

B) You must reside in one of the designated qualifying communities listed here:

York Municipalities

  • Town of Aurora
  • Town of East Gwillimbury
  • Town of Georgina
  • Township of King
  • Town of Newmarket
  • City of Markham
  • Town of Richmond Hill
  • City of Vaughan
  • Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville

Durham Region

  • Ajax
  • Pickering
  • Whitby
  • Oshawa

City of Toronto

Peel Region

  • Brampton
  • Mississauga

Ottawa Area

  • Navan (K4B)
  • Nepean

Niagara Area

  • Grimsby
  • Niagara Falls
  • St. Catharines

Please Note: If insulation or thermal work has already begun, customers are unable to qualify for the program.

Step 2 – Pre-Retrofit Energy Audit

An energy audit is an inventory and assessment of your home’s current energy efficiency. The energy audit will reveal areas where you can make improvements (called retrofits) to improve your home’s energy efficiency, in turn helping you conserve energy and save money. You must use one of the Certified Energy Auditors (CEAs) approved by Enbridge Gas Distribution.

Here’s what to expect:

      • An energy audit includes an inventory and thorough assessment of your home’s current heating, ventilation and cooling equipment and building envelope.
      • A blower door test will be conducted to determine if your home has air leakage which can cause wasted energy, uncomfortable drafts and poor air quality.
      • Your home will be given an energy score using the Natural Resources Canada EnerGuide Rating System – the higher the score the better.
      • During your energy audit, you will receive recommendations for improvements (called retrofits) that can help you maximize your home’s energy efficiency, reduce your energy bills and increase home comfort.
      • Energy audits will be conducted by our program’s list of approved CEAs.
      • It’s best to book your energy audit before for the winter heating season.

Step 3 – Upgrades

Implement a minimum of 2 of the following recommended qualified energy upgrades:

    • Attic insulation upgrade
    • Basement wall insulation upgrade
    • Wall insulation upgrade
    • Air sealing (minimum 10%)
    • Window replacement
    • High efficiency space heating system installation (gas furnace/boiler)
    • High efficiency water heating system installation (gas)
    • Drain water heat recovery system installation
    • Exposed Floor Insulation

The energy auditor will advise which measures will need to be upgraded to achieve 25% annual gas savings in order to qualify of the Enbridge incentive. To help you offset the cost of the recommended upgrades, be sure to check out the available incentives offered by Enbridge.

Step 4 – Post-Retrofit Energy Audit

Get your home’s new and improved energy score.

By getting a post-retrofit energy audit, you’ll be able to compare your new and improved energy score against the energy score your home was given prior to making retrofits. It’ll be proof positive that your energy efficiency upgrades have made a difference.