3 Reasons Attic Insulation Grants Big Savings This Winter

3 Reasons Attic Insulation Grants Big Savings This Winter

There’s no question that attic insulation is an effective preventative heating tactic during the winter months. But, what might come as a surprise are the substantial financial benefits that come with a newly insulated attic.

When you upgrade your insulation, you have a chance to qualify for attic insulation energy rebates that offer large savings in the way of your energy efficiency. Read on to learn how a new energy efficient attic insulation not only keeps your entire home warm, but also saves you money throughout the season.

Lower Energy Costs

One of the main reasons a poorly insulated attic can start to cost you is due to the large amount of heat that is lost through your homes roof. With inadequate insulation, there is not enough substance to stop the heat generated by your furnace from escaping as soon as it reaches the upper levels and attic. This heat loss can be causing you to increase the temperature on your thermostat, leading to more heat loss and a higher utility bill.

When no action is taken to control the source of your inconsistent heating, temperatures will only continue to range, limiting the amount of comfort your home can provide you throughout winter, and putting more stress on your wallet.  By upgrading the insulation in your attic to an R value of 50, you can better protect your home from costly heat loss. Upgrading your attics insulation ensures your home’s temperature will remain at a steady degree, allowing air to circulate within the home helping to substantially lower your energy bills.

Prevent Costly Long-term Damage from Moisture

When an attic is not properly insulated, the warm air you’re losing through your roof melts the snow and ice sitting on its exterior, creating ice dams. Any kind of moisture or condensation, like the kind that would come from ice dams, can slowly cause damage to your roof. Not only will this type of roof damage cost a considerable amount to repair, but the moisture may also seep into your attic, leaving you with wet and loose insulation that does even less to keep heat in your home. By upgrading your attic insulation, you can avoid unnecessary roof repair costs on top of increased energy bills.

Qualify for Energy Rebates

Upgrading your attic insulation acts as one of many energy efficient upgrades that can offer you substantial savings this winter. Why not get a free insulation installation by combining an energy efficient heating system upgrade in to your plan for winter warmth, so you can benefit financially from a more efficient lifestyle.  Remember, If your furnace is outdated, it’s doing nothing to keep you warm, or help save you money.

By upgrading your furnace with an Enbridge Home Energy Conservation approved heating system that comes with free attic insulation, you likely qualify for up to $4250 in furnace energy rebates. By simply choosing these two new energy efficient heating upgrades, you not only save money by lowering your energy bill, but gain income for contributing to an environmentally sustainable heating system.

Will your attic be the reason for a higher energy bill this winter? Avoid heat loss by upgrading your attic insulation and furnace for a chance to receive significant energy rebates this winter.

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