5 Factors to Consider when Purchasing your Next Furnace

5 Factors to Consider when Purchasing your Next Furnace

After the hot summer months of cranking the A/C, your heating system has been neglected. As we fall into the colder seasons, however, your heating system will be in full swing again. While it be seem redundant to get it checked, the truth is, sometimes the heating system begins to break down during the summer due to long inactivity, which is why regular maintenance check-ups are important.

Let’s say you take the preventive measures to ensure you have a heating system that works effectively in the winter and it turns out that it is time for an upgrade. There are many options in regards to the various heating systems that exist and which one fits best in your home. As the saying goes, the furnace is the heart of your home and it needs to be compatible with your lifestyle and home.

The options can be confusing and the various furnaces can fall on a spectrum with each factor that will be discussed in this blog. One of the most popular and versatile furnaces are Lennox Furnaces, as they have options of Energy Star (which reduces heating bills) and variable speed controls (allowing you to control the energy used). Keep reading to learn more about furnace factors that you should consider:


Efficiency is one of the top factors to consider when looking for a new furnace. Whether you have a green thumb, an eco-friendly foundation and want to use less energy or you are just looking to save on heating bills to cut down on costs, efficiency is the factor you are looking at. The less energy that is wasted by your heating system, the less energy it will take to heat your home, which will inevitably lower your usage and costs.

Products such as the Lennox furnace that has Energy Star options or other products with their energy saving ratings will allow you to determine how much average energy is used within each product.


Pending on the size of your home and where your furnace would be placed, you have to consider the size of the products. They do fall on a spectrum from small to large, but there are factors behind the size as well.

Smaller units often burn too much energy by working harder, heating up your home well and some units that are too large for your home end up wasting energy, as they have to turn on and off more than needed. Finding a size that works best for your home and lifestyle will run optimally with the lowest energy usage. Usually, to find this perfect size, there are calculations that can be done based on house size and construction to determine it.


Furnaces can either be single-stage, two-staged, or modulating and the main difference there is the flexibility. Single-stage heating will have a fixed gas value and a single-speed blower motor. These furnaces are either on and running at full capacity or off. Two-staged heating contains a two-stage gas valve and a variable-speed blower motor which allows the furnace to run at a lower setting in milder weather and a higher setting in very cold weather. Modulating furnaces run in precise increments, the temperature in every room becomes consistent because of the way it operates.

Based on your needs and the fit of it to your home, you may opt for one over the other. Single-stages are louder in nature, two-staged furnaces are quieter, and modulating furnaces achieve 98% in efficiency and are the quietest.


Coming from the previous factor of stages, the price points for each also differ a lot. Usually single-stages are the most affordable, two-staged furnaces are higher in price point, and modulating furnaces are both the highest performing and the most expensive. Replacing your home furnace may be an expensive investment but there are a couple of factors that can be helpful.

First off, understanding how long you will stay in your current home. Your new furnace investment becomes a part of your home, and as long as the years you stay in your home is longer than the time it would take to pay it off, then it may be the right choice. In addition, calculate how much you will save based on the furnace of your choosing. Having a modulating furnace may be beneficial if energy costs are high in your neighbourhood, as that would balance out. Knowing your budget and your needs will help determine the scope of which products you can choose from.

Lastly, often certain furnaces will have discounts or deals. For example, the Lennox furnaces are having an end-of-summer sale with Constant Home Comfort which would be an affordable option if that type of furnace works with your home.

Fuel Supply

This is usually overlooked because shoppers neglect to consider this but understanding the type of fuel supply you have will narrow down your furnace choices to models that are compatible with the same fuel type. It would not be wise to switch your fuel type if you are only looking at repurchasing a furnace. However, if you are looking to switch your fuel type for other reasons and it ties into purchasing a furnace that is compatible, then it may be worth it to do so.

Stay warm for the colder months with a new furnace! If you’re looking for options for furnaces and want more information, contact our team! We will be able to help you find a perfect fit for your home.

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