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5 Maintenance Musts for Preventing Frozen Furnace Oil

5 Maintenance Musts for Preventing Frozen Furnace Oil

Your Lennox furnace is what makes your home the warm and cozy escape you need as fall transitions to winter. Carrying out your daily tasks gets quite difficult with a blanket draped over your shoulders, so conducting a little furnace maintenance is a safe way to avoid the shivers before temperatures really drop.

The best way to prevent a malfunctioning furnace is to take the necessary precautions for keeping your furnace oil warm, even during the coldest weather.  Thankfully, there are a number of steps we like to take to care for your furnace oil before the cold turns it to wax. Contact our maintenance team to learn more about some of the maintenance methods we use to keep your furnace oil from freezing this winter, including:

Indoor Oil Filters

Cold temperatures naturally turn oil into a solid, wax-like form, and cause it to cling to fuel lines. This alters the function of your furnace as its fuel no longer provides an efficient energy source. We can inspect your area to see if putting oil fitters on the interior wall of a house or building is an option for you. This will prevent wax filled filters, and rule out one of the many oil related mishaps that cold weather can cause.

Install Larger Fuel Lines

Another way we like to avoid clogged oil filters is to simply make them bigger. This way, we can atleast give the thickened oil more of a chance of travelling through the line efficiently. Sometimes this is a better option if controlling the temperature is difficult in your area.

Insulate Fuel Pipes

If placing oil filters in an indoor place doesn’t work for you, insulation is the next best thing. We can wrap your filters with a heat insulating material to keep them warm, and your oil hot and running.

Bordered Oil Tank

Building a room around your tank is another way we can protect your furnace oil from the cold temperatures. This will be a more costly investment, but is an option if it’s appropriate for your Lennox furnace.

Ask a Lennox Furnace Maintenance Associate for a Solution

Doing extra maintenance work for yourself can get costly. Hiring an experienced maintenance associate in Scarborough offers a thorough inspection of your furnace, and ensures its able to run well through the winter months. With our current promotion, you can receive a full maintenance report for just $9.99+HST, down from $16.99+ HST. We can tell you if your equipment needs attention, adjustment, or if it’s already prepared for the the cold.

If your furnace is well past its prime, getting a new furnace could be the best option for you. After a maintenance inspection, we can tell you if replacing your furnace is the more cost-effective option. Fortunately, with our current promotion, if you purchase a new furnace, we offer the early bird price of 8.99+HST plus the added bonus of up to $3000 in rebates per year when you switch to a natural gas furnace.

Keeping your home and family warm this fall and winter starts with caring for your furnace oil. Take the proactive approach, and conduct the proper maintenance before having to resort to a full furnace repair.

Will your furnace withstand the cold this season? Save yourself the extra work, and get your Lennox furnace maintained in Scarborough with our current promotion. Contact us today at 1 888 675 5907 for more information.

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