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5 Reasons to Choose Central Air Conditioning Systems

5 Reasons to Choose Central Air Conditioning Systems

Even if you already have window air conditioner units installed in your home in Markham, there are myriad reasons why you should consider switching to central air conditioners. One of the most obvious yet significant differences lies in the way they are installed. Not only does it affect the aesthetic appeal of your home from both inside and outside, but having a window unit also means the windows in your home will always stay open. This could easily lead someone to break into your room, especially if the unit is installed at ground level.

In stark contrast, central units condition the entire house through an outdoor compressor and condenser coil attached to indoor furnace fitted with evaporator coil. In simple words, these systems utilize vents or air ducts located in each room to send the cool air. Instead of cooling just one room, a central conditioning unit will cool all the rooms simultaneously.

Here are top 5 benefits of having a central air conditioning system installed in your home:

1. Energy-efficient

The fact that a central air conditioning unit can distribute cool air in every room of the house at the same time is a reason enough to go for this kind of air conditioning systems. Since there is one overall temperature, the central conditioning systems ensure lower energy bills as compared to having several window systems installed throughout the home.

2. Quiet Operation

Since the condenser fan and compressor are located outside the building, the noise will be barely detectable, which means you can enjoy a sound sleep, without having to bear the loud noise which is common with portable window units.

3. Improved Air Quality

The central units consist of air filters that are responsible for filtering out the harmful particles like dust, germs, pet hair, dander etc. from air before it reaches the room. This means you will always get a better indoor air quality with central air conditioning units in your home. You can even control the humidity levels to ensure a comfortable indoor environment.

4. Easy operation

Ease of operation makes central conditioning systems a preferable option among homeowners. Once it is installed, you can easily control the temperature as per your comfort level during the day using programmable thermostat.  

5. Cost-efficient

A central air conditioner may cost you more than a window unit; however the benefits are worth the initial investment. If we compare the both, several window units collectively consume as much energy as central systems, but they have been found to be less efficient.   

Looking for top quality central air conditioning units in Markham? Constant Home Comfort brings to you a range of Keeprite central air conditioners that adhere to energy-saving federal efficiency standards. Available with 10-year warranty options, these systems are durable, efficient and service friendly. By going green in your choice of HVAC systems, you can even earn certain rebates and discounts.

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