5 Ways You May Be Using Your Air Conditioner Wrong


Summer is here and no matter how much people say the weather is pleasant, it is not! It is hot, humid, and the heat makes you feel more exhausted. Air conditioner during summer is a life savior, even though the power bills might go up a little bit. However, an air conditioner can easily become defective, which is why it is very important to use it properly. There are many things that we do that can be potentially harming your machine. Here are a few common things that we do wrong and can damage your air conditioner.


As much as we want the cool breeze to remain in the room, it is actually not advisable to use the air conditioner the whole day. Not only will you get a really high electricity bill, overuse of the AC will only exhaust the machine. Instead, use programmable thermostat or individual unit timer to cool down the house before you reach home. Moreover, this will also cost you less.

Wrong Installation Spot

What I mean by this is that people usually do not think about the place where they are installing the air conditioner. For example, installing it around the warm area of your house will only damage your air conditioner. That is why it is important to install it in the shaded area of the house which does not receive direct sun rays. Otherwise, the air conditioner unit will work too hard and exhaust the machine.

Setting Temperature Too Low

What do you do when you come home from work and you want the temperature to go down as soon as possible? You will turn on the AC and set the temperature way down below the temperature you actually desire, in hopes that the room will cool down faster. Well, most people do not know this, but the AC will actually skip the temperature you desire. Plus, every unit counts. Therefore, the lower you reduce the temperature, the more you will have to pay for the electricity.

Dirty Air Filters

Usually, most people ignore the air filters in their AC. If you are one of them, you need to pay more attention to them. Why? Simply because the filters trap the dust and debris and it can block the air passage, which will only prevent you from making the best use of your AC. Moreover, if you have anyone who is suffering from respiratory difficulties, the clogged air filter will only make it worse.

Ignoring Maintenance

Every machine comes with a set of instructions. Likewise, the AC that you bought for your home comes with instructions. The instruction clearly states that the machine needs to be taken for maintenance regularly. Furthermore, you need to get it fixed as soon as you think there is something wrong with the AC. If not, it will only lead to bigger problems. Therefore, do not forget, maintenance is very important!

Make sure that you avoid making all these mistakes so you can spend the summer pleasantly.

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