7 Signs Your Home Needs a New Lennox Furnace


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There is nothing more soothing than coming home to the cozy comfort only our own place can give. Do you constantly find yourself turning up the heat, but still not feeling the warmth you want? If your house does not seem as warm and cozy as it did through the past winters, it might be time to upgrade your furnace instead of just turning up the heat and racking up your electric bill.

Upgrade to a  Lennox furnace  by calling Constant Home Comfort in Markham and give your home back that cozy feeling while putting money back in your pockets!

Here are seven signs your home needs an upgrade to a new furnace:

Energy Costs Rising?

If you have noticed your electric bill slowly rising year after year, it could be because you are using an older hvac system, which is not energy-efficient. All newer furnace models in recent years are known to be much more energy-efficient and as a result, cost-effective.  While getting a new furnace sounds expensive at first, your long-term savings will definitely outweigh that cost. A great bonus is the Heating and Cooling Incentive Program in Ontario.

Upgrade to a new Lennox furnace for your home in Markham, and you will receive rebates for reducing your impact on the environment and taking steps towards using energy both efficiently and responsibly.

Constant Home Comfort will even file your application for these incentives on your behalf, leaving you warm with an improved heating system, and worry-free rich in savings!

Repair Requirements Adding Up?

As with any home appliance, it’s normal for your furnace to need little repairs and maintenance checks once in awhile to replace parts. But if you find yourself spending more on repairs these days, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Tell-tale signs include calling a service technician many times to fix the same issues, needing to have several visits during winter for maintenance and noticing increases in your regular heating expenses. It’s helpful to remember that if your furnace’s annual repair costs are now at least half the value of the equipment, it’s definitely time to say goodbye and get your home an upgrade.

Ageing Not-So-Gracefully

Nothing lasts forever, even what was once the top heating system on the market. Over the years, technology improves and new furnaces are developed to heat your home more effectively and efficiently.  Typically, a good furnace lasts around 15 years. That sounds like a long time, but as we build our lives around our homes, keeping a home and not just a house requires maintenance.

Older furnaces operate at just around 65% efficiency or worse, as they go down the line. A new, fully-serviced Lennox furnace can give you back the missing 35%, making your home more comfortable and your pockets full of savings on energy costs. If your furnace is hitting the 15 year mark – it’s time for an upgrade.

Lack of Warmth and Comfort

If your idea of staying warm at home is constantly turning up the heating, it might be time to consider a furnace upgrade. As older systems deteriorate, you will find yourself having to turn up the temperature more frequently while noticing a decline in your level of warmth and comfort no matter how much you try to adjust the heating. An upgraded Lennox furnace will save you the trouble of achieving a suitable level of warmth and reduce the energy costs you were previously racking up with the heater in the process.

Too Low Humidity

With low humidity in the winter, your home feels colder, tricking you into turning up the heat. A new furnace efficiently controls humidity levels indoors, maintaining a safe balance that helps to avoid ruining furniture, sore throats and chapped skin by adding or removing moisture before it enters your home’s heating system. If you are finding yourself constantly turning up the heat but are still not feeling warm enough, or are noticing damages to furniture due to the cold, it’s time to look at your home’s heating system and upgrade to a new Lennox furnace.

Dangerous Air

Apart from temperature indoors, there are a number of factors that affect the effectiveness of your home’s heating system. You will notice these issues such as airborne allergens in the form of pollen, bacteria, dust and pet dander, and foul odors that can cause allergic reactions at home. These unhealthy living conditions could take a toll on your family. An effective, long-term prevention method is creating healthy living conditions. If you notice your family developing allergies at home, you should look into an expertly designed and properly installed heating and cooling system that prevent airborne allergens and foul odors entering your home. Upgrading to a new furnace will keep your family warm, healthy and happy this winter.

Peace Disruption

Your furnace should promote comfort, not disturb your peace at home. A loud heating system may indicate mechanical issues, some beyond repair as your furnace ages and is phased out. Getting a new Lennox furnace at home means enjoying a break from the noise pollution outside as new furnaces work seamlessly in the background to provide you with comfort.

Still cold indoors? Switch to a new Lennox furnace and stay warm and happy this winter with Constant Home Comfort in Markham! Call 1-888-829-1875 today!

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