7 Signs Your Lennox Air Conditioner Needs Repair!

7 Signs Your Lennox Air Conditioner Needs Repair!

The temperature is soaring to new heights and most Markham residents would agree that air conditioner has become a survival staple this time of the year. There are incessant heat warnings from the weather department so that citizens can brace themselves for the dangerously hot temperature well in advance. It’s so typical to crank up the air conditioner the moment we enter the house and feel relaxed. Imagine the frustration when the AC is not operating adequately in the mid of a hot day, not to forget the health concerns that may follow. So, make certain your Lennox air conditioner is up to the task of endowing you utmost comfort on hotter days and look for the signs that may herald bigger problems, such as complete unit breakdown.

Here are 7 tell-tale signs you need to watch out for in your air conditioner if you want to prevail over these scorching days of summer:

1. Loud Noise Stemming from the Unit

Your Lennox air conditioning system ought to function fairly quietly, except for a certain amount of motor sound. However, when the unit begins to emanate unusual sounds like grinding, squealing or grating, this might be an indication that either the unit needs repair or replacement, depending on the severity of the issue. More often than not, the noise occurs when the metal component of the unit needs more lubrication or the belt has slipped out of place. The grinding sound is caused due to the malfunctioning of the motor’s bearings. Failure to address these issues timely may result in expensive breakdowns.

2. Lesser Airflow than Usual

If you’ve been observing a reduced air flow through the vents even at full blast, the compressor may be on the verge of failing. When some of your rooms are receiving proper airflow and others are not, there might be trouble with the ductwork, which implies your AC needs emergency repair. Another notable reason that might be hindering the airflow is the debris stuck in the vents. Having the air ducts thoroughly cleaned is a great way to restore the air flow and ensure the AC is performing fully when it matters the most.

3. Problems with Thermostat

Sometimes the trouble lies in the thermostat, not in the AC unit itself. One way to identify if the thermostat is at fault for the room temperature being so high is to see if one section of your house is extremely cold, whereas another section remains at the same temperature level.

4.  Emission of Foul Odours

When your AC is emitting an odd smell, that clearly indicates there is something wrong with the AC. Mostly these odours are the result of the wire insulation burning out, or the mould build-up inside the duct or the unit. In either of the cases, it’s important to call professionals to assess the situation and repair the unit before it gets worse.

5. Moisture or Water Dripping Around the Unit

When you notice a leakage from your air conditioner, there might be two reasons behind that. First, the leak can be refrigerant, which can pose grave health ramifications to you and your family members, and hence must be repaired at once. Second, the drain tube which disposes of the condensation is either broken or blocked. Although it’s not much of a serious problem, when left unattended, it can lead to mould growth which is another issue in itself.

6.  Hot Air

The whole point of installing an air conditioning system is to cool down the air inside the home. However, when it starts to blow out hot air all of a sudden, there is definitely an underlying problem brewing with your cooling unit. The reasons can be various, from reduced Freon levels to a problematic compressor. If you happen to encounter any of these circumstances, the unit will most likely need replacement.

7. The AC is Simply Old

It’s good to bear in mind that a good quality AC is developed to last at least ten years, and when it surpasses this limit, the overall performance is likely to be impacted, though not necessarily. In case your air conditioner has been installed at least a decade ago, it might be beginning to reveal the signs of wear and tear that require instant repair. In more serious cases such as erratic turning on and off for no reason, you might have to call your HVAC professionals to get it checked and replaced with a new one.

Not experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues, and still your utility bills are higher than the average? Maybe your AC is utilizing more energy than it should to keep the air cool, and hence the surge in bills. In this case, you may need to replace the unit with a new, more energy-efficient model that can also get you certain rebates.  

Lennox Air Conditioner Repair in Markham!

Have you noticed any of the above-stated signs with your Lennox air conditioner? Constant Home Comfort professionals are happy to help. The sooner you contact for repair, the less likelihood of allowing an issue to escalate to a point where your AC shuts down completely.

Call us today at 1 888 675 5907 or request for a quote on our AC repair services!

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