About Us

Constant Home Comfort Group is a leading home energy construction employeesefficiency improvement company operating in Toronto & Vancouver. Our agenda is to provide high quality and affordable products and services that are installed, repaired and/or replaced by a professional technician in a timely manner.


Constant Home Comfort VanOur expert service technicians are more than highly qualified and even more knowledgeable to provide you with the most appropriate solutions for all your cooling and heating as well as duct cleaning, window and door replacement and insulation needs in Toronto & Vancouver. They can evaluate the comfort of your home or office and provide you with the best solution that not only guarantees satisfaction, but is the right fit for your needs as well.


Circle GraphToday’s modern technology ultimately means that almost any home or building can be comfortable during brutal winters and hot humid summers. Our sales staff try to sell you affordable energy saving equipment, which includes furnaces, air conditioning systems and water filters.


measuring tapeWhy Choose Constant Home Comfort?

– We are customer focus: Our sales staff and team leaders ensure that everything we do provides value to our customers. Our focus is on what our customers requires and figure out the best solution to assist our customers in maximizing savings and comfort.

– We sell top Notch Products: We install top-notch energy efficient products that are guaranteed to last you for a lifetime, if the equipment is maintained in good condition. When we come to install your furnace or air conditioner in your Toronto home or building, we will provide you with advice on how to best maximize your comfort and savings.

Trust: Being in the industry for over 10 years has allowed us to build strong relationships with our customers and many residents in Toronto & Vancouver.

Here are some more reasons to choose Constant Home Comfort for your HVAC needs.

Contact us today to book your initial consultation. We will come directly to your home and take the hassle-free process from there. We look forward to working with you.