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How many times are you going to pay to repair that old, inefficient air conditioner? Investing in a high-efficiency air conditioning system will save you thousands in utility costs and keep your family comfortable year-round.

Constant Home Comfort makes brand new models accessible to everyone, offering OPA & manufacturing rebates and 0% financing to outfit any home with the comfortable and cost-effective air conditioner it needs.

Installing your new air conditioner could not be more comfortable. Constant Home Comfort will deliver and install your new air conditioning unit and dispose of your old model at no extra charge.

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How many times have you called someone to have your air conditioning unit fixed, only for it to break down again?

Replacing your unit may be a more cost-effective option for you. Each time getting it fixed, you probably spend around $300+ including the sales reps travel fees. With all those times having it repaired you could have had a brand new unit already.

Stop throwing money at your old air conditioner and let us show you how you can save money with a new air conditioning system.

We can show you which rebates you qualify for and get you a great deal!

At Constant Home Comfort we only carry high quality, name brands including Payne, KeepRite and Goodman!
With the available deals, rebates and discounts – it has never been a better time for a new air conditioner! Call us today at 1-888-675-5907!

When is it Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

There are telltale signs that indicate it is time to consider replacing your cooling equipment. It is time to call Constant Home Comfort to help you with the change if:

Your air conditioner is over 10 years old. Consider replacing it with a unit that received the ENERGY STAR label that can help you save up to 30% on your utility bills.

You have had it repaired multiple times. If your unit needs frequent repairs, and your energy bills have risen your unit may have become less efficient.

Some rooms are too hot, or too cold. If this is the case in your home, the equipment can be operating improperly, could have duct problems or inadequate insulation.

You are having humidity problems. Inadequate equipment or leaky ductwork can cause the air to be too dry during the winter, or too humid during the summer.

Your system is noisy. You could have an undersized duct system or a problem with the indoor coil.

Installing an Air Conditioner System

The day the air conditioner is installed in your home is the most important day of the units life.  Proper installation and having the right size can account for almost 75% of the efficiency and performance of the system you purchased.


A sales rep from Constant Home Comfort will visit your home to evaluate your needs.

The rep will assess the factors impacting your indoor temperature including; room size, layout, orientation, roofing insulation, number of floors and any other necessary factors to calculate your home’s heat loss and heat gain based on a cooling chart.

After the assessment, our rep will be able to recommend an air conditioning unit that fits your homes needs.

Finally, the rep will explain the installation process and leave you with a quote.

During Installation

Once you are happy with the quoted price, the rep will arrange an installation time that works around your schedule.

On the agreed day, the rep will show up on time and keep you informed during every step of the installation process.

After the air conditioner unit has been installed, it will be thoroughly tested. Making sure all electrical works meet the relevant standards, as well as making sure the piping and refrigerant charge is correct and airflow is properly balanced.

When this is complete, the rep will clean up, remove any waste materials and if you would like, we can take the old unit to dispose of correctly.

Post Installation

Once the installation has been completed, the rep will program your controller for your needs. They will also show you how to operate your new unit and answer any questions you may have. You will receive a detailed operating manual.

If you are ready to replace your air conditioner, our experienced team will be able to help you out. Call us today to schedule an appointment 1-888-675-5907!

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