Attic Insulation 101: Earn Energy Rebates In The GTA

Attic Insulation 101: Earn Energy Rebates In The GTA

The GreenON program is available until Sep 30, 2018. If you’re a homeowner, there are plenty of other rebate opportunities that you may qualify for! Contact our team to learn more.

Did you know that earning energy rebates in Ontario as simple as making eco-friendly improvements throughout your house? For starters, consider upgrading the insulation in your home. Not only will a well-insulated home help you reduce your heating and cooling costs, it also helps to shrink your home’s carbon footprint dramatically.

With rebates of up to $7,200 on insulation, going green practically pays for itself. Whether you need help upgrading the insulation in your attic or applying for an energy rebate, our team at Constant Home Comfort has the knowledge and experience to help. When you hire our contractors, you won’t have to lift a finger – simply sit back, relax and wait for the rebate cheque to come in the mail.

Do your part to fight climate change and earn rebates for doing so by going green and upgrading your attic insulation today. To learn more about attic insulation and how you can save, keep reading:

Attic Insulation 101

Did you know that by simply upgrading or adding insulation to your attic, you could see up to a 25% reduction in your family’s energy expenses? While turning down the heat or AC when you’re not at home during the day is a great way to reduce heating and cooling costs year-round, having a well-insulated home has actually been proven to be the most cost-effective way to save energy and money in the long-run. This is because with proper attic insulation, home owners can ensure that any gaps and cracks are covered, preventing the heat and/or AC from escaping their home.

The Different Types of Attic Insulation

Today, there are various types of attic insulation available in the market including blanket insulation, blown-in or loose-fill insulation, and spray foam insulation. All ideal for use in the attic, each type is associated with its own benefits, including:

Blanket Insulation

Most commonly used for insulation of large building envelopes blanket insulation is suitable for application in the attic. Made from fiberglass, rock wool or natural fibres, blanket insulation is typically installed along the walls of attics, working to block the transfer of heat through walls and are a great way to cover large sections of space you need insulated.

Blown-in or Loose-fill Insulation

Ideal for filling cavities, attics, and other hard-to-reach places, blown-in and loose-fill insulation is made from fiberglass and/or cellulose (recycled paper). The thick layer of insulation is meticulously sprayed in your attic, creating a seamless coat of insulation which covers the floor, walls and all other nooks and crannies that blanket insulation may miss.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a unique insulation created by a chemical reaction of two composite materials combining and expanding once dispensed. As one of the most popular & highly requested methods to use for attic insulation today, spray foam insulation gives your attic additional protection against infestations and water damage by naturally sealing up any cracks, holes or crevices that blanket insulation and blown-in or loose-fill insulation may miss. Typically used for attic and wall insulation, spray foam insulation helps seal up cavities, provides tight air sealing in your home, and is also rodent and water resistant for added protection.

Earning Energy Rebates

Thanks to programs including GreenON and the Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program, upgrading your attic insulation can come at little to no cost to you. Offering energy rebates of up to $7,200 for attic insulation, these programs work in the home owner’s favour, offering substantial financial incentives to those who choose to go green and make eco-friendly improvements within their home.

The process is easy. Simply ask a participating contractor like our team at Constant Home Comfort for help with the installation process. From the manual labour itself to paperwork associated with filing your claim, our team’s got you covered. Don’t wait up — earn generous rebates from the government and Enbridge when you invest in attic insulation today.

Unsure what type of insulation works best for your home’s application? Our team of highly-skilled contractors have the knowledge and experience to help you decide. Give us a call at 1-888-675-5907 today to discuss how you can earn energy rebates in the GTA for upgrading your attic insulation.

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