Attic Insulation FAQs – What Homeowners MUST Know | Attic Insulation, GTA

Attic Insulation FAQs – What Homeowners MUST Know | Attic Insulation, GTA

A new homeowner? Looking to replace insulation? Debating insulating the attic ceiling or floor? This guide can answer all your questions and more, we hear your worries and confusion and came together to make up a comprehensive FAQ to all your insulation and attic concerns. Let Constant Home Comfort come through for you with our attic insulation services all throughout GTA and the surrounding area; including attic insulation in Vaughan, attic insulation out in Scarborough, attic insulation in Markham, and even attic insulation for Richmond Hill.


First off; How long does insulation last in the attic?

Whether you just stepped onto your first home or are thinking about new insulation or a different approach first you should check on the sate of your insulation to know where you stand. Most attics get minimal attention but it’s best to inspect semi-annually. Insulation can have a long lifetime if installed properly and in a great environment but ultimately you know it’s time to replace when it’s no longer doing the job properly. Finding things such as leaks or peeling from the walls and you’ll know it needs to be replaced.

Old insulation may settle over time and you might even see the studs of your attic floor showing, but this insulation does not necessarily have to be removed. Adding more insulation, with air sealing the attic floor first, is completely fine because even old insulation still has its R-value. The recommended level for most attics is to insulate up to R-38, or about 14 to 10  inches, depending on the type of insulation used.


Should I remove old attic insulation before adding new?

Unless it is in bad condition or wet it is totally fine to put more insulation over top of the old. If you have wet insulation it’s best to remove all of it. Wet insulation can lead to mildew, mould, or even rotting in your ceiling or roof rafters.

Removing old insulation depends on the type though, faced insulation should not be placed on top of existing insulation, and if you’re upgrading to cellulose insulation from old fibreglass insulation then removing all of the old material is recommended and something you may want to consider. 


How do I know if my attic needs more insulation?

A quick look can tell you a lot about your insulation situation if your insulation level is below or at the top of your floor joists, you probably need to look into adding more insulation. A professional will help you quickly and make sure to seal any potential air leaks before insulating. Lacking insulation or even not having at all can really hit your heating bill hard, having properly installed insulation can help to save you from 10% up to 50% on a typical heating bill.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing though if a home is over-insulated and is significantly tightly sealed moisture can and will get trapped. Without proper ventilation, this build-up of too much moisture can cause mould problems and even lower your indoor air quality. Knowing how much you need for your house and attic size is one of the most important things a professional keeps a handle on to make sure you get just exactly what you and your house need.


CHC attic insulation rebates coming soon

Constant Home Comfort has fantastic upcoming rebates that you don’t want to miss out on!

Coming soon – Attic insulation rebates up to $1,600 so you can rest easy knowing your attic is properly taken care of.

Stop overpaying on heating and cooling your house and get the proper insulation set up to protect you from the heat during summer and cold during winter.


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