How a Humidifier Helps Reduce the Spread of Viruses | HVAC Rebates Toronto

How a Humidifier Helps Reduce the Spread of Viruses | HVAC Rebates Toronto

Installing a humidifier in your home is essential to maintaining the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and curbing the spread of viruses, especially during flu season. A recent Yale University study found that indoor humidity is just as important as external temperature to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Constant Home Comfort offers Healthy Climate Whole-Home humidifiers to keep your Ontario home clean and your family members safe this flu season. These high-quality IAQ systems can be installed from as low as $249 (plus tax) in the home’s heating and cooling system to improve indoor comfort and add moisture to the air. Whole-Home systems provide clean air throughout, whereas portable units are very limited in range and function.

CHC serves clients all over Ontario and now also in Kanata and Ottawa area, if you have questions or looking to replace your furnace, AC, tankless water heater or humidifier system and benefit from the rebates Ontario now offers, we can help. Call us, we will share all the information about the rebates with you, take advantage while it is available.

How Does a Humidifier Keep My Home Clean and Healthy?

Scientists have conducted numerous studies on virus transmission and have found that there is a direct relation between humidity rise and the decline in airborne viruses. In developed countries, it is estimated that people spend about 90% of time indoors. This is why it’s incredibly important to control indoor humidity levels, especially during the colder months.

Viruses spread more easily in dry conditions, increasing indoor humidity makes it harder for these germs to survive and transmit to everyone around you. Dryer air causes particles to stay suspended longer and this aggravates the respiratory system. It is suggested that the perfect range is between 45% to 50% relative humidity (RH) and 20°C and 25°C for the best air quality and comfort.

In fact, during winter months, the RH can drop to single digits – which is similar to some of the world’s driest deserts.

When cold air is heated, the humidity of the indoor air drops by about 20% relative to the outside. The indoor air, which is drier than the outdoor air, creates an ideal environment for the virus to spread in the gas. Dry air reduces the ability of human cells to expel viruses, and the efficiency of the human immune system in a dry environment also decreases.

Humidifiers also aid in moisturizing the nasal passage, throat and lung passages, making it easier to combat virus symptoms like sinus congestion, runny nose, sore throat and coughing.


Healthy Climate Whole-Home Humidifiers

Healthy Climate humidifiers work with your central heating and cooling system to add moisture to the air. Whole-home units are less intrusive and easy-to-use as compared to portable units and there is no need to constantly refill and clean them.

Portable units, on the other hand, have to be moved from room to room in order to match the comfort of a whole-home humidifier. Portable units also get clogged with dirt, mould and bacteria and need regular cleaning.


Bypass Humidifier

These work in tandem with your HVAC system using air handlers or furnace fans to route humidified air throughout the house.


Power Humidifier

These come with a built-in fan to circulate humidified air and works independently of your HVAC system. They can deliver the right level of humidity even when your HVAC unit isn’t operational.


Attractive Rebates Now Available!

Can I qualify for rebates on a new Furnace, AC or Tankless Water Heater in Ontario?

Yes, you may be eligible for two rebate programs in Ontario; The Home Efficiency Rebate and the Low Carbon Economy Fund Rebate.

With CHC, you can save up to 25% on eligible furnaces, tankless water heaters, air conditioners, air purifier systems and thermostats with the Low Carbon Economy Fund Rebate. The Home Efficiency Rebate offers as much as $6,000* on eligible HVAC purchases. *Valid till April 30, 2020.

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Keep Your Family Healthy

Upgrade to the Right Humidifier Today!

Start improving your home’s air quality today and make your house safer and healthier.  Constant Home Comfort’s certified HVAC technicians offer same-day repairs, quick installations and timely support and maintenance. We can assess your existing HVAC system and suggest the most cost-efficient humidifier for your home’s requirements.

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