Book a Yearly Boiler Service and Save On Your Household Bills | Professional Boiler Installation Services in Toronto and the GTA

Book a Yearly Boiler Service and Save On Your Household Bills | Professional Boiler Installation Services in Toronto and the GTA

Create a cozy home year-round and warm up with an annual boiler inspection!

At Constant Home Comfort, we prioritize customer satisfaction. We offer professional boiler installation services in Toronto and across Southern Ontario to drastically decrease your energy bill. We accommodate your home’s needs with our highly efficient boiler units and premium Rinnai boiler in Toronto that will cut your costs in half!

How an annual boiler service inspection can reduce the risk of dangerous gases infiltrating your home, elongate the lifespan of your boiler and save your hard-earned money!


Expert HVAC Service at an Affordable Price

We have a wide range of top-quality boiler systems that are backed up by our 10-year warranty. You can only get a top-rated boiler inspection for only $119 in the GTA regions for a limited time! 

Our trained team of HVAC technicians provides a large variety of durable boiler and qualified boiler installations while continuing to provide money-saving solutions with our boiler rebates in Toronto! We help you stay within your budget while providing you with industry-leading HVAC service. Don’t miss out on your yearly expert boiler service check!

Please speak to one of our certified technicians 24/7 at 1-888-675-5907!


What Does a Boiler Service Include?

Our HVAC technicians are fully qualified to provide a comprehensive inspection that can elongate your boiler’s lifespan. Here is what is included in your complete boiler service:


Full Boiler Inspection

We examine your boiler frame and survey the surrounding pipework to ensure that there aren’t any potential cracks and leaks. Additionally, they will inspect the actual boiler for any damage caused by wear and tear and check if the controls are in working condition.


Flue and Pressure Check

Once our technicians run a boiler check, they will check if the gas pressure is correct and that the flue has a clear path. Any obstructions in flue emittance can result in carbon monoxide infiltrating your home.

Ensuring your flue and pressure check functions correctly will help you reduce your energy bill and keep your family safe from dangerous gases.


Cleaning of Parts

The cleaning of essential elements includes the heat exchanger, combustion chamber, burner assembly and electrodes. Having a clean boiler will only enhance its function long-term and reduce maintenance costs.


Expansion Vessel Air Pressure Check

Sealed boiler systems require an expansion vessel for excess water accumulated, as it can cause a large build-up of pressure when the water system is heated. The expansion vessel function as a basin for the excess water and ensures that the boiler’s system returns to normal.

The correct amount of air in the expansion vessel can be lost throughout usage, causing it to be filled with water. The technician will ensure that the expansion vessel’s pressure is in working condition and is not at risk for immediate failure.


Smaller Essential Parts Verification

The seals and cracks that occur over time near your boiler can affect the quality of your ignition. Safety devices, including the flow switch, are inspected during this procedure. We can identify any problems with the smaller parts contributing to your boiler’s function and keep your home warm during cold months.


Final Safety Check

After a professional boiler inspection, our engineers will restart your boiler to guarantee that it is in working order. If additional problems have gone unnoticed, such as funny noises or a temperamental display screen, we will fix them immediately.

Our technicians will also ensure that your carbon monoxide alarm is fully functioning to decrease the risk of potentially dangerous gases. They will conclude your session with advice on how to improve your boiler’s efficiency and further guidance on how you can enhance your home’s HVAC amenities. 


An Annual Boiler Service Saves You Money! | Expert Boiler Installation Services in Toronto and the GTA

Cost-saving HVAC solutions that create peace of mind.

We install boilers to maximize your home’s energy efficiency while keeping your family safe. Take advantage of our 24/7 boiler installation and services by calling us toll-free at 1-888-675-5907 or speak to one of our technicians here


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