Can I Save More if I Repair or Replace My Furnace? (Rebates Now Available) | Lennox Furnace Repair, London, Waterloo

Can I Save More if I Repair or Replace My Furnace? (Rebates Now Available) | Lennox Furnace Repair, London, Waterloo

Your home furnace has the capability to heat up your home during the winter months, cool it down during times of high heat and create an overall atmosphere that is comfortable for everyone in your home. Choosing Constant Home Comfort London to install a high-efficiency furnace has many financial and home advantages. CHCL serves London and Waterloo and is the industry-leading company in furnace repairs and furnace maintenance services.


Lennox Premier Dealer Sets CHCL Apart From The Competition

Installing a high-efficiency unit with CHCL ensures the utmost quality while reducing the amount of repairs over the years. Lennox Premier Dealer offers the quietest high-efficiency units on the market and offer the highest standard of Lennox furnace repair when the time arises to get them repaired. Lennox furnace dealers have one of the highest Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating which means that the high-efficiency furnaces they produce are budget friendly and extremely efficient. 


Should I Get My Furnace Repaired?

If you feel like your furnace is not up to standard efficiency, Constant Home Comfort has the dependable HVAC knowledge and skill to fix your furnace the same day. Here are some signs that your furnace feeds to be repaired:

No Longer Heating Your House: Caused by low supply of gas, or mechanical and electrical issues creating loud noises. Issues arising from fault panelling and broken switches are also extremely common.

Varying Room Temperatures: If some rooms feel too warm and some rooms feel ice cold, it’s time to get a Constant Home Comfort expert to inspect it. This problem is most likely the cause of a cracked heat exchanger, but can easily be fixed!

Poor Air Quality: If you find the air in your home especially dry or moist, it’s urgent for your furnace to be looked at. Poor air quality can lead to health concerns and good air quality can be reinstated by a properly working furnace.

Blocked Drains: Congested drains and vents caused by dust, garbage and other variables lead to a non-functioning furnace. Ensuring clear furnace pathways maintains a healthy air quality and overall comfortable room temperature.


How Do You Know When Your Furnace Needs To Be Replaced?

When…Your Furnace Is Over 15 Years Old, it’s time to get a new one. 

When…Your Furnace Needs Constant Repair, it’s not worth consistently pumping money in repairs when the cost of a new furnace is more affordable.

When… Your Furnace Makes Strange Noises, it’s because it’s nearing the end of its life and more than likely, turning on and off by itself.

When…Your Heating Bill Is Through The Roof, is because your furnace is on its last legs. 


Reel In The Rebates

Choosing the right high-efficiency unit can be made simple by one of CHCL’s leading experts. We offer the best rebates in the business that benefit homeowners by endorsing numerous money saving rewards, like incentives up to $5000. Customers who upgrade can take advantage of up to $750 back in rebates, pending on how many upgrades you choose to install with us.

Rebates are available for a limited time only and can be changed by CHCL without prior notice. 


Furnace Repairs With A Personal Touch

CHCL prides itself on customer satisfaction, skilled installation and repair with same day service; we balance low prices and excellent service to remain as the top Lennox Premier Dealer in the London and Waterloo region. Constant Home Comfort London evaluates your home or office and offers you the best high-efficiency furnaces on the market while maintaining world-class service.

Start Heating Your Home With A High-Efficiency Unit And Contact Us Today at (226) 240-3219

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