CHCL: The Benefits of a Lennox Premier Care Dealer | Lennox Furnace Dealers

CHCL: The Benefits of a Lennox Premier Care Dealer | Lennox Furnace Dealers

At Constant Home Comfort London, our partnership with the established Lennox Premier Care Dealer elevates our HVAC services to function at an industry high standard. We proudly serve London and Waterloo, as well as the GTA and Hamilton. 

CHCL is proud of our status as a Lennox Premier Care Dealer that assists in the proper installation and maintenance of heating and cooling systems. Our highly trained technicians specialize in Lennox furnace repairs and will help you choose the right model for your home’s needs to optimize your success. 


CHCL Is Proud to be a Lennox Furnace Dealer

By selecting CHCL, you are choosing the highest quality systems manufactured by Lennox Premier Care Dealer that will increase the lifetime value of your furnace sustained by our technicians that are continually factory trained. We are proud to be a Lennox furnace dealer and maintain a continuing business relationship with one of the best furnace manufacturers in the business. 

Lennox Premier Care Dealer holds our systems at the highest level and CHCL is proud to be in an ongoing partnership that benefits the customers and our esteemed company. Our level of professionalism, unrivalled customer service and business stability has created a harmonious business foundation that is constantly improving our reputation in the HVAC industry. 


Lennox Furnace Repair Installed By Skilled HVAC Technicians

Our expert repair, maintenance and replacement of all furnace brands can be rooted in the extensive training our technicians had to complete on our Lennox systems. Our licensed experts will quickly and efficiently diagnose your system so that your furnace will be working properly throughout all seasons. 

Lennox technicians are continuously trained on our systems so that they are able to resolve all problems without costing you additional charges. CHCL understands the importance of a proper full house inspection for a concise safety diagnosis and choosing to install Lennox systems reassures our customers that we do not compromise quality for the price. 

Installing a high-efficiency system from Lennox Premier Care Dealer will save you thousands of dollars over the course of your furnace’s life, where our competition will need constant repairs over numerous years.  


Our Award-Winning Systems Are Available For Immediate Installation

The SLP98V Variable Capacity Gas Furnace comes with modulating stages of heating, an insulated blower compartment, a SureLight Silicon Nitride Ignitor, a guaranteed 10-year limited warranty on covered components and a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty. 


The MERIT Series

 The Lennox ML296V Single Stage Gas Furnace is ENERGY STAR qualified that offers a 2-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a guaranteed 10-year limited extended warranty with product registration.


The ELITE Series

Our Lennox Elite series includes the EL196E Single-Stage Furnace with Power Saver that is 96% AFUE energy efficient, has a sealed blower compartment, is dual-fuel capable and tax-credit eligible and provides a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty.

The EL296E High-Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas Furnace provides sound-absorbing insulation, uses a Power Saver Constant Torque motor, provides an Ultra-Low Continous Fan and, like all our Lennox systems, includes a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty. 

Our EL296V High-Efficiency Furnace is one of our most silent designs that includes variable motor speed, has two-stage ranges of heating and is air filter and humidifier compatible. Additionally, it comes with the heat exchanger limited lifetime warranty and a 10-year limited extended warranty with product registration. 


Unparalleled Customer Service Combined With High-Efficiency Units

Lennox Premier Care Dealer offers a reputable full line of products that enable our customers to enjoy the rewards without breaking the bank. Constant Home Comfort London HVAC services are unparalleled to our competitors because we have the established Lennox Premier Care Dealer backing us up 24/7.

To start saving on your utility bills and install a silent high-efficiency Lennox Premier Dealer unit, contact us today at (647) 839-8669

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