DIY AC Repairs vs Trusted HVAC Technicians: Which is Better? | AC Installation and Repairs, Hamilton

DIY AC Repairs vs Trusted HVAC Technicians: Which is Better? | AC Installation and Repairs, Hamilton

Everyone loves to call themselves a handyman and want to fix something by themselves. This extends to air conditioners with some people wanting to fix it themselves rather than rely on an experienced HVAC technician. There are pros and cons to each way of thinking, but at Constant Home Comfort Hamilton, we’ll make a compelling case for both. 

We’re CHCH and we offer fast and reliable AC installation services near you and AC repair in the Hamilton, Ontario area. We provide the highest quality air conditioning and furnace machines at a fair cost that will save you lots of money and energy. 

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Now let’s go over which is the best way between using a DIY approach to repairing your AC versus having a technician do it for you. 


Avoid DIY Repairs for Your AC

Here, experience plays a huge role to properly and safely install and repair the equipment, without doing any inadvertent damage. DIY repairs come with very expensive repercussions.

Even if it’s something that is seemingly simple – inspecting constricted air filters, for example, there are certain pitfalls that the layperson might not think to watch out for. The filters have to be carefully removed, cleaned and put back in properly so that the hot air does not get trapped and travel back into the furnace, causing damages to the components.


The Cons and Risks of a DIY Repair

There are many risks associated with disassembling and repairing your own AC. If you’re repairing the AC for the first time, you are already not the right person for the job. Disassembling an AC unit on your own will only make your situation and financial loss worse. 

You also run the risk of injury if you don’t know what you’re doing and will have to pay twice or thrice more than if you had a technician repair it for you. Moreover, AC will have to eventually get repaired by a specialist of some kind, so a DIY approach will only delay the inevitable. 


Play it Safe – Call in an HVAC Technician 

An experienced HVAC technician is a trusted professional who will be able to spot any issues and repair AC units with ease. They have a deep knowledge of each and every component of an AC and will help save you money in the long run. HVAC technicians also have access to new discounted parts that may need to replace the older ones. 

A license is proof of professional traning. Licensing requirements vary from one province to the next, but always be sure to choose an HVAC technician who is able to provide at least a limited warranty for the services rendered.

When the job is done right from the get-go, the need for repeat service calls and reword reduces – making things very favourable for your wallet!

Your safety is paramount in these situations. There have been some adverse consequences when unsuspecting homeowners start fiddling around with their home’s electrical components. Structural house fires and other electrical issues are not uncommon when this happens.

With an HVAC technician, you won’t run the risk of further damaging your AC or yourself during the process. They have the right tools, resources, and know-how to get the job done. That is probably the strongest case to rely on a technician for your repair. 

We have several offices across the GTA and Ontario, so we can service as many people as we can in a timely manner. 


Call in a Trusted AC Installation and Repair Technician in Hamilton

Constant Home Comfort has a variety of services and products available for purchase for the upcoming summer. Our rebates for our select products let you claim up to $5000 in savings for your new purchase. To learn more, call us at 289-802-1088 or email us at with your thoughts, concerns, or questions about our products and services.

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