Do I Need to Repair or Replace My Furnace? | Lennox Furnace Repair, Hamilton, Windsor

Do I Need to Repair or Replace My Furnace? | Lennox Furnace Repair, Hamilton, Windsor

It’s getting colder outside and its time for your furnace to start working hard to keep your house comfortable. It’s important that you as a homeowner are ready and have a high-quality furnace you know you can trust. 

Constant Home Comfort Hamilton can help you no matter what condition your furnace is in, whether you’re looking for Lennox furnace repair in Windsor and surrounding areas. Our professional trusted team provides same-day furnace installation in Hamilton and Windsor and more locations to have your back no matter what!


What Are The Signs?

Your furnace is 15+ years old

If your furnace is getting up there and is between 15-20 years old or even older you can be pretty sure its time for an upgrade. Also, if the pilot light is over 15 years old then it can be time to look into replacing it.


Finding your gas and electricity bills rising?

Another big sign is hidden inside your bills. As furnaces age, they get less and less efficient, especially if regular maintenance has been lacking. So with this, your furnace might need to work harder than before to supply the same heat.


The temperature has been fluctuating

If there is a significant difference between one room and another, this can be an indication that your furnace is not distributing the air evenly through your house. This is a good indication that your furnace needs a serious look at and some repairs or even replacing. 


The furnace is going bump in the night and making other weird sounds

If you’re hearing more and more from your furnace this can be a big sign to get a part replaced, repaired, or to move on to the next model. Hearing sounds like; rattling, banging, squealing, or thumping noises and the blower running constantly is typical of a furnace on its last legs or in need of help.


Seeing a yellow flickering flame

If your furnace is a natural gas or propane furnace a yellow and/or flickering flame could be a sign of a serious issue, carbon monoxide emissions. If you have poisonous carbon monoxide from your furnace leaking throughout your house it can cause health risks for your family.


Which works for me; replacement or repair?

Making the decision to invest in a new furnace isn’t easy. And sometimes a furnace can seem like it just needs a repair but it needs much more than that. As mentioned before the biggest sign is age, and even most of the problems stated up above can be caused by age alone so it’s important to keep track of how old your furnace is.

Having a professional come in and inspect your furnace is best because self-diagnosis can lead to a string of more and more expensive repairs. Repair history is also a good sign, if you’ve had your furnace repaired more than 3 times its probably time to look into replacement. Likewise, if this is your first issue and you haven’t had to repair it before and/or the furnace is pretty young repair is more likely to be the correct method.


Want your furnace looked at by a professional eye? Turn to a Trusted HVAC Technician in Hamilton and Windsor

When you reach out to our experienced team at Constant Home Comfort you’ll find that we are ready to work with you to find the best fix for your problem, whether its a repair or replacement. Nobody likes finding out their bills have been rising and discovering they need to spend even more to replace or repair; that’s why Constant Home Comfort has furnace rebates to aid you the best we can. 

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CHC is now expanding to Ottawa!

Constant Home Comfort is now providing services in Ottawa! Lennox and American Standard AC repair services in Ottawa, Lennox and American Standard AC installation in Ottawa, skilled HVAC technicians and amazing rebates!


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