Don’t Miss Out Our Early Winter Sale In Ontario | $5,600 in Rebates!

Don’t Miss Out Our Early Winter Sale In Ontario | $5,600 in Rebates!

Check our our early winter huge sale! Large discounts + up to $5,600 in rebates for furnace, AC, Tankless Water Heater, Heat Pumps and more. Contact us today for more information!  Ends on November 8th, 2022

Why should you switch to a tankless water heater?

  • Space-saving and Compact – Tankless water heating units are much smaller in size compared to traditional water storage units. Free up premium space in your home, and install your unit in a cabinet, in the closet or pantry, or even mount it on the wall. Gone are the days of robust and large water heaters.
  • No Leaks – The average traditional water storage unit holds approximately 50 gallons of water. That means that if there is a leak, that’s a big mess to clean up. Tankless water heaters don’t have the ongoing risk of leakage because they don’t hold any water. Gain peace of mind knowing that your unit is not potentially damaging your home.
  • Energy-efficient – Since your tankless unit only heats water when you need it, you’re not paying for energy that you’re not using 24/7.
  • Environmentally-friendly – Tankless water heaters don’t emit any greenhouse gases that can be harmful to the environment. Saving the planet starts with one tankless water heater at a time.
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