Dream of a Cozy Winter? Attic Insulation is the Way to Go! (Rebates Now Available)

Dream of a Cozy Winter? Attic Insulation is the Way to Go! (Rebates Now Available)

Did you insulate your attic yet? Don’t sacrifice the coziness in the hands of deadly Canadian winter. Don’t worry, we have your back. Let’s dive into the world of attic insulation!

Making sure that your attic insulated is one of the key steps to check on as soon as the north wind starts blowing over the North. That’s the time we realize that there’s no better place to get snug than home.

But not all the homeowners think smart and put the comfort of the entire home in jeopardy by not investing in an effective heating system. The attic in your house works as a shield protects your house cold, heat and all the extreme weather situations. Therefore, this area needs to be insulated properly to maintain the safety and comfort of your family. 

If you have no idea about the condition of your attic and haven’t checked that area in a long time, then it’s the time of the year to shift your attention in the right direction. 

Constant Home Comfort brings you one of the most cost-effective attic insulation energy rebates in Richmond Hill. Also, by signing up with their services, you can receive the most up to date and advanced heating systems installed and a $1, 300 rebate for upgrades such as Insulate attic and Air Sealing target. 

Now, let’s look at the most compelling benefits of having attic insulation at your house!


Fight the cold

An insulated attic reflects the warm interior of a house in the cold weather. There are multiple benefits of keeping your attic insulated in the months of winter. This insulation creates a barrier on the roof of your house and blocks the freezing wind and snowflakes to enter the house. Time to get snug!


Cut down on utility

Attic insulation is a great way to cut down on your extra expenditure on utility. It is a cost-effective way to keep your house heated without having to install an electric heating system that utilizes almost 50%-70% energy. So, an insulated attic eventually lets you save both energy and expenses. Make it work!


Refined air quality

If your house is equipped with the appropriate insulation in the attic area, then it prevents all types of pollutants to invade your house. It saves you from inhaling airborne toxins and allows you to breathe clean air. Breathe fresh!


Damage proof home

Having insulation in your attic area also helps in keeping the structure of the house intact by preventing any kind of damages. It blocks water leakage flowing through the walls and prevents dampening. Apart from that, attic insulation also forbids the melting ice dams to freeze back on the roof. Let your house live long!


Eco-friendy approach

In this era, where everyone is keen to adopt at least one method to adopt an eco-friendly living approach, attic insulation can be a great start. Homeowners around the world are installing attic insulation to reduce energy exhaustion and the amount of carbon dioxide from the air. It is a great way to pull off an eco-friendly heating system at your house that saves both money and electricity consumption. Say yes to an eco-friendly move!


So, what are you waiting for? We have already crossed the daylight saving date and extreme winter is just right around the corner waiting for us. 


Ensure an advanced attic insulation service with your comfort partner, Constant Home Comfort. Contact us today to explore the exclusive rebates we have for you! 


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