Emergency Furnace Repairs: Call in an HVAC Technician ASAP When You Encounter These Issues |  24/7 Furnace Repair

Emergency Furnace Repairs: Call in an HVAC Technician ASAP When You Encounter These Issues | 24/7 Furnace Repair

Our certified technicians offer over 10 years of unbeatable service in the HVAC industry and are authorized to solve all your on-demand furnace problems at any time. Unlike a faulty furnace, we are constantly dependable as we offer same-day furnace services to accommodate your home in the best way possible. 

Constant Home Comfort understands that your furnace works hard to provide a warm and toasty environment during the winter months, and sometimes they break. We are dedicated to maintaining our customer service satisfaction to the highest standards throughout all seasons and we offer 24/7 furnace repair when your system breaks down. We have serviced happy homes across Ontario including Toronto, Ottawa, London and specifically Hamilton and Windsor areas. 


Ensuring Your Furnace Is Up-to-Standard Before Winter

During the cold winter months, we rely on our furnaces more than ever to keep our home warm and at a comfortable temperature. So when our furnace suddenly breaks down or completely stops working, it’s time to enlist the help of HVAC professionals. 

Our 24/7 services enable you to call our experts for an inspection at any time before the bulk of the winter season hits. A non-working furnace system can turn a cold atmosphere into an uncomfortable living environment and we ensure that our skilled HVAC expertise will transform a frigid living space into a pleasant home in a matter of a day. 


What Are The Signs My Furnace Needs Emergency Repair?

Here are some indications that your furnace needs assistance asap:

An Incorrect Thermostat: If your thermostat does not match the appropriate temperature in your home and it does not change after you adjust it, you need to call one of our CHC technicians. 

Unpredictable Air Flow: Your air quality shouldn’t be anything less than smooth and flowing. If you find your air quality is choppy and inconsistent, it’s because your furnace is struggling to keep up with the temperature you set it at initially. It’s imperative that you call a licensed furnace technician before airflow ceases completely.

There’s An Odd Smell In The Air: The sign of Sulphuric acid in the air means that your furnace is preparing to break down. If you smell rotten eggs or gas, call our experts immediately.

There’s A Strange Noise: Most furnaces make small noises whether they are turned on or off, but if your furnace is producing unexpected loud noises, that is a sign you need it looked at. 

There’s Cold Air Emitting Out of the Furnace: A furnace malfunction means that warm air can be redirected to the emission of cold air instead and with a harsh Canadian winter approaching, our licensed technicians can reinstall warm air into your home.

Your Heating Bill Is Through The Roof: Yearly fluctuations in your heating bills are normal due to patterns in supply and demand, but if you see a sudden spike in your heating bills, it’s time to enlist our help. Your furnace is likely consuming too much energy to keep up your preferred temperature, and it is highly recommended to be checked out by an expert.


Same-Day Furnace Service During Winter Months

Constant Home Comfort offers home services that allow your furnace to run at peak efficiency while maintaining your home safe through carbon monoxide poisoning prevention and preventative maintenance. 

A functioning furnace helps all homes remain warm and comfortable during unpredictable winter weather, and if your furnace is anything short of perfect, we’re here to help you. 

To get in touch with one of our accredited technicians in the Hamilton area, contact us at

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