Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program for HVAC in Ontario

Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program for HVAC in Ontario

The Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program is an initiative offered by Enbridge Gas and part of our services here at Constant Home Comfort when you are looking to buy HVAC system. This program aims to encourage homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes by providing financial incentives and rebates for eligible upgrades and renovations. The program offers a range of rebates for various energy-saving measures that can help homeowners reduce their energy consumption, lower their utility bills, and contribute to a more sustainable environment. These rebates are available for both existing and new homes, making it accessible to a wide range of homeowners.

Find out if you are eligible for the rebates offered to homeowners in Ontario by calling 1(888) 675-5907.
Get a Great Quote On the Spot + Rebates total of up to $10,600
GTA 1(888) 675-5907 | Hamilton (289) 802-1088 | London (226) 240-3219
Waterloo (226) 240-3219 | Ottawa (289) 260-8640 | Windsor (519) 991-5575

Here are some of the features and benefits of Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program:

Eligible Upgrades: The program covers various home upgrades that improve energy efficiency, such as insulation upgrades, high-efficiency heating systems and water heaters, windows/doors replacement, air sealing and window tinting/treatments.

Financial Incentives: Participating in this program allows homeowners to receive attractive financial incentives in the form of rebates; their exact value depends on what upgrades were completed and their level of energy efficiency.

Energy Savings: By upgrading to energy-efficient appliances and upgrades, homeowners can significantly lower their energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills and creating a more comfortable living environment.

Environmental Benefits: This program supports our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging sustainable living, with energy-efficient upgrades helping reduce carbon footprints and combat climate change.

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