Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program For Homeowners

Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Program For Homeowners

The cost of living has gone up tremendously. Between mortgage/lease payments, utilities, food, and a plethora of other unavoidable payments, bills tend to take up a very large portion of one’s expenses. While some bills, such as mortgage payments or lease payments, are indefinite, others, such as energy bills, come down to the variable of consumption, endowing you an opportunity to save money. By employing simple energy-efficiency practices at home, you can observe a perceptible reduction in your energy costs, and earn rebates from Enbridge under the Home Energy Conservation (HEC) Program.


Let your journey towards an eco-friendly living begin – start right from upgrading your existing furnace and air conditioning systems to Energy Star certified models. By doing so, you’ll ensure reduced energy bills at the end of every month, not to forget the peace of mind knowing that you have the latest, technologically advanced systems installed in your home. The best part is that you are going to receive rebates from Enbridge for adopting an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Wondering how to get rebates from Enbridge Home Energy Conservation program?

There is a predetermined criteria to be followed in order to find out if you are entitled to receiving rebates under this program. As part of process, an Enbridge representative (or any Registered Energy advisor) will visit your home to conduct a pre-energy audit to determine the areas where you can make improvements. For this audit, you’ll also need to pay a certain amount of fee including taxes, which will later be reimbursed to you after the completion of program.

The next step involves the actual home upgrades; one must complete a minimum of two of eligible energy-saving upgrade in order to qualify for HEC program. Different types of home upgrades that you can you go for, include heating systems, insulation, water heaters, electric appliances, windows/doors, central air conditioners, and air source heat pumps.

Find out if you can qualify for hundreds of dollars in rebates through Enbridge Home Energy Conservation program. For more detailed information, feel free to give us a call at 1-888-675-5907.   



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