Enbridge Rebates for Attic Insulation Increased!

Enbridge Rebates for Attic Insulation Increased!

Enbridge Attic Insulation Rebates
From February to May, any upgrades related to Attic Insulation the rebate will be increased

Bundle more, Save more

Package1:  Attic + Air sealing Rebate $1450> $1600

Package2:   Attic + Air sealing + Furnace Rebate $1850 > $2000

Package3:   Attic + Air sealing + Tankless Rebate $2000> $2150

Package4:   Attic + Air sealing + Furnace + Tankless Rebate $2600> $2750

Is Your Attic Insulation Due for an Upgrade?

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    You will be receiving information to do with the service you are looking for and possible rebates you may be eligible for.

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