Energy Saving Tips For The Winter Season | Help Your HVAC Unit Run Smoothly 

Energy Saving Tips For The Winter Season | Help Your HVAC Unit Run Smoothly 

A reliable home HVAC unit can keep your home warm for a long time, especially if a long, cold winter season hits. However, like any other functional machine, you need to be able to properly maintain and clean off your HVAC unit during the winter to keep it working as usual. For example, with a ductless Daikin heat pump, you’ll need to be able to clear it of snow and ice to help you keep rooms warm and eliminate unnecessary energy bills. As reliable Daikin dealers we provide you with high-quality heating pumps and products that elongate the life of other HVAC units. 

To help winterize your HVACs for the winter season, our team at Constant Home Comfort will provide some valuable energy-saving tips for your home heating system. Our professional contractors can help you install the right HVAC unit for your home and provide useful maintenance tips and advice. 

There are several aspects to consider to protect your HVAC unit in the winter. We’ll go over if you have to winterize your regular AC unit and if you should clear the snow off of your HVAC machine. Daikin is the perfect brand choice to use during the winter season!


Do I Have To Winterize My AC Unit?

Although the heating furnace of an HVAC unit is more prominently used during the winter, it’s also important to winterize your AC and prepare it for next spring. If your AC is an outdoor unit, we recommend investing in a unit cover to protect the machine from ice and snow. It’s a relatively cheap expense and can extend the life of your AC if your area has harsh winters. 

Please keep in mind that unit covers should be removed as soon as possible after short-term coverage because some moisture could get inside the cover. The trapped moisture can seriously damage the equipment if left unattended throughout the winter. 

Additionally, a few weeks prior to the start of winter is the perfect time to have your overall HVAC unit examined, if possible. This helps you to stay ahead of the cold weather and get sound advice from a professional. Prior to the assessment, you should also clear excess debris or winter and ice that may have formed. Be sure to also take care of sticks, shrubbery, and leaves that could disturb the proper circulation from the HVAC unit.

You should ideally winterize and check your AC/HVAC unit at least once per year. A certified technician or contractor will be able to spot any trouble before it starts and make sure the HVAC unit is running efficiently. One concern to think about is snow on the HVAC machine and whether to clear it off or not. 


Should I Clear Off The Snow That’s Settled On My HVAC Unit?

Your HVAC unit can handle some snow piled on it without any problems, but extensive damage can occur when it’s leftover as a large build-up of ice. Snow and moisture can reach the HVAC unit’s coil and its other internal parts if left outside. This can lead to parts rusting or corroding under pressure. Snow may also partly melt away and then re-freeze into blocks of ice around the parts. While it may not melt for a while, the risk increases as the day grow warmer. As such, you should clear snow and ice off of your HVAC unit whenever you can. 

Outdoor HVAC units may run less efficiently as a result and may need more repairs sooner. It could even lead to a full machine breakdown and an expensive replacement. That’s why it’s important to clear as much as you can to knock off excess accumulation and prevent damage. 

To clear off snow, start by sweeping or brushing it off shortly after a snowfall. Keep a clear radius of at least one foot around the HVAC unit. If you use a unit cover, take it off and avoid leaving it on for all of winter. Also avoid using hot or boiling water to defrost the HVAC unit, as it can crack parts and shock the system. Look for any extra debris or frost before you use it the next time as well. 


Why Is Daikin The Right Choice For My HVAC Unit During The Winter?

Daikin heating units and heating pumps are ductless heating/cooling machines. They’re used for climate control within specific spaces and rooms of your home, helping you reach the most comfortable temperature levels throughout the year. They’re also very energy efficient and durable to use to heat your household during the winter or cool it down during the summer. 

Contact Constant Home Comfort today to purchase a Daikin heat pump and start saving money and energy for your home during the winter! 

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