Finding Ways To Fix Your Tankless Water Heater: How To Spot Issues With Your Appliance Before They Become A Problem

Finding Ways To Fix Your Tankless Water Heater: How To Spot Issues With Your Appliance Before They Become A Problem

Tankless water heaters are a great investment for your homeowners looking to be more energy and resource efficient. They provide an unlimited supply of hot water only on-demand and have parameters that can limit the flow rate at which it’s distributed. This can not only save money for homeowners monthly, but also provides instantaneous comfort and reliability. However, although uncommon, issues can arise with your tankless water heater if you’re not vigilant. 

At Constant Home Comfort, we’re a highly reputable HVAC service that provides homeowners with excellent furnaces and water heating units. We offer beneficial tankless water heater rebates that will give you great discounts on new tankless water heating units and many of our other energy efficient appliances. 

Diagnosing and repairing the issues related to your tankless water heater should be a homeowner’s top priority. Here are some ways in which you can find and potentially resolve them yourself before relying on our team for assistance 

Why Is My Tankless Water Heater Not Giving Me Hot Water? 

Your tankless water heater may not be giving you hot water because of the minimum flow rate of the unit itself. This refers to the amount of water the tankless water heater needs to flow through every minute in order to produce hot water. If the unit has less than the minimum flow rate, the appliance shuts off as a precautionary safety measure. These appliances must be able to sense an adequate water flow to initiate operation and provide consistent amounts of hot water. 

If you’re thinking of buying and installing a tankless water heater in your home, you’ll also need to consider using either gas-fired tankless units or electric units. The type of unit can determine the amount of hot water you’ll receive. For example, gas-fired tankless water heaters often produce higher flow rates than electric units. However, even the biggest gas-fired model appliances can’t supply enough hot water for simultaneous hot water usage in large households. To avoid this issue, measure how big your home is, how many people it houses, and 

Another reason why you may not be receiving hot water from your tankless unit is because of mineral or sediment buildup in and around your pipes. If these elements are blocking your pipes full or partially, you won’t receive the same amount of hot water as you usually do. Calcium and magnesium from your iron pipes and unfiltered water can result in a large-scale buildup in tankless water heating units that can become stuck in place. 

To avoid damaging your unit further and changing the pressure and temperature of your hot water, you should have a professional to help you flush them out. Doing so should be a part of your regular annual maintenance on your tankless water heater, so you won’t have to repeat the process again in the future. As a result, you can expect to improve your home’s hot water flow and our technician team will work with you to address other issues related to your tankless unit.  

How Can I Address Issues With My Tankless Water Heater?

One of the easiest ways you can address issues with your tankless water heater yourself is by clearing away anything blocking the air supply or exhaust vents around it. You can inspect all your vent pipes to ensure they are connected properly and free from any holes or irregularities. You can also carefully clear away any bird’s nest, rodents, and wasps’ nests near your venting area to make sure your hot water is distributed properly. 

You can also check to see if your home’s gas or water valves are fully opened. If they aren’t, they can cause your tankless water heater’s ignition to fail. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you may need to either replace the ignition pack completely or contact our technical support team to take care of it for you. 

If your tankless water heater is still dealing with issues, you can also reduce simultaneous applications of hot water usage in your home. This often leads to overloading your system, at which point you should consider adding a second tankless unit to your home or upgrading to a model with more capacity. 

Whatever the case may be, our team at Constant Home Comfort will help diagnose the issues with your tankless water heater and resolve them accordingly. 

What Can Constant Home Comfort Do To Fix My Tankless Water Heater? 

At Constant Home Comfort, our professional contractors will perform thorough repairs and routine maintenance on new tankless water heater units. We’ll give a detailed inspection of your unit and provide the necessary fixes, repairs, and replacements as needed for each unit. We only provide high quality water heating units that will provide hot water for your home for a very long time, without the high cost to your wallet. 

Contact Constant Home Comfort now to get up to $5,600 in money-saving rebates that will end on Nov 30, 2022. Call us today at 1(888) 675-5907 to start delivering a constant supply of hot water into your home throughout the cold winter season. 

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