Furnace Blowing Lukewarm Air: How to Solve This Issue Quickly! | Lennox Furnace Repair Markham

Furnace Blowing Lukewarm Air: How to Solve This Issue Quickly! | Lennox Furnace Repair Markham

Each year, thousands of Canadian homeowners juggle through these questions about their furnaces. If you’re in a situation where you have no choice but covering yourself in your coziest winter clothes at home while your furnace makes nuisances, then this guide will arm you with the most relevant information about the most common furnace issues. 

Some regular furnace problems can be fixed by adapting easy DIY. But are you ready to take the risk? Often, small furnace concerns such as dirty filters, a malfunctioning thermostat and heating issues turn into bigger problems when you try self-made tricks to fix them. It’s always feasible to contact a professional based on the circumstances.

If you’re looking for a Lennox furnace repair in Markham, our furnace professionals at Constant Home Comfort are available 24/7 to assist with your furnace issues in the most trusted way. Moreover, we bring American Standard furnaces at a price you’ll love to make your furnace purchasing experience worthwhile. 

Hang in there, let’s discuss some everyday furnace issues!


My furnace is running, but it’s blowing cold air!

When your furnace starts blowing cold air, there are a couple of things you need to be concerned about. It could be the faulty thermostat, the dirty air filter or maybe due to the insufficient gas supply. 

  • Setting the thermostat to auto mode is important while you’re facing heating issues with your furnace. 
  • A dirty air filter can prevent airflow into your furnace making the system overheated and eventually this situation shuts off the burner. 
  • If the gas supply isn’t consistent and adequate to your furnace, it might get locked down automatically for safety.


Why my furnace is so loud? 

What’s that noise coming from the furnace room? Annoying right? Especially in a dark & cold winter night! Those weird noises that come out from your furnace are related to multiple problems. 

  • An excessive gas build-up in the system.
  • It could be a crucial issue with the blower wheel of your furnace that creates strange sounds
  • Leaked or cracked heat exchanger or a loose panel screw. 


Furnace warning signs to watch out for

It’s important to stay alert and watch out for certain signs that will tell you your furnace is not performing as it should be;

  • Strange odours; if you detect an unpleasant smell from the furnace, gas may be leaking in your home. Call in a technician right away and refrain from lighting a match in your home


  • Inadequate airflow; if you place your hand near the air vent and can’t feel the air flowing through, your system is weak and this could denote a broken or damaged belt


  • Moisture around the unit; Do you see a puddle of water around the unit? Moisture left untouched leads to biological growth. Call in an HVAC technician as you likely have a clog in the condensate line


  • Increased utility costs; A few fluctuations in your heating bill is normal, however any drastic spikes could mean a leak in your ductwork, a damaged part or an end-of-life system

If you notice any of the above, call in an HVAC technician from CHC as soon as possible.


Should I troubleshoot the furnace myself or turn to the pros?

On those deadly Canadian winter nights when the furnace stops working, it can be extremely scary. There are some quick fixes such as checking the thermostat settings, cleaning dirt from the air filter or resetting your breaker box, but it’s always advised to turn to a trusted HVAC contractor for furnace repair and maintenance. DIY fixes don’t last long and increase your expenses eventually.

Some advantages of getting your furnace tuned up by a professional-

  • You can prevent emergency furnace breakdowns
  • Regular maintenance ensures long-term performance
  • Your HVAC technician will fix the issue instantly
  • One-time repair cost saves future expenses for a long time
  • Professional expertise assures 100% furnace efficiency


Time & tide wait for no man. So, don’t wait for the sudden furnace breakdown, contact us today to get all your furnace-related puzzles solved in no time!

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