The Furnace, the Heart of your Home

The Furnace, the Heart of your Home

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In the market for a new Lennox furnace? Depending on the type of furnace and its respective features and/or functions, you may notice that different Lennox furnaces are offered at different price points–indicating that varying models are intended for various applications. Designed to meet the needs and requirements of different homes and environments in Markham, choosing a suitable furnace for your home is not an easy task. As an essential part of ensuring that the air in your home is properly circulating, it is important to understand the role of your furnace before deciding which furnace you wish to invest in.

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To learn more about the function of your furnace and why it’s one of the most crucial parts of your home to invest in, keep reading:

Keeps Air Constantly Circulating Within Your Home

While your furnace is most likely located out of sight, it is still constantly in motion. Regardless of the time of year, your furnace is working hard to ensure that air is efficiency travelling through the ducts in your home. However, depending on the type of furnace you own, factors such as efficiency and the amount of energy consumed can vary. For your convenience, we outlined the 3 different types of motors in furnaces below:

  1. Single-speed Motor
    A single-speed motor implies that it only has one function, to be on or off. As a result, single-speed motors have been said to be less energy-efficient as there there is no speed variation and can only be used in one
  2. Constant Torque Motor
    Constant Torque motors offer an efficiency boost over the single-speed motor as the circulation in the motor is maintained evenly, ensuring optimal airflow throughout your home. Featuring a quieter fan, constant torque motors are considerably more quiet when in operation.
  3. Variable-speed Motor
    The variable-speed motor provides the highest efficiency and comfort levels because as its name suggests, it provides a variability of speeds to operate at. Since the air is fine-tuned, uncomfortable random bursts of air can be avoided with this motor, resulting in an energy-efficient system that maintains comfortability.

The different kinds of furnaces range in prices, but as indicated, the comfort and efficiency levels are strikingly different.

Cleans The Air In Your Home

Beyond the fact that your furnace moves air around your home, it also has to ensure that it is clean. It moves the air through your home air filtration system which takes out any air impurities. Even in the summer, when your furnace does not have to provide heat, it is still in operation ensuring that the cooled air is being circulated.

The air in your house is what you and your family breathe in, which means without a clean air filter and efficient furnace, you can run into health issues with toxic particles in your home. Luckily, high-quality furnaces can help provide air control.

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Furnace

To ensure that your furnace is operating at an optimal level year round, we recommend replacing your air filter every 6 months and having a professional evaluate the condition of your furnace at least once a year. Not only will regular maintenance catch minor issues before they evolve into bigger ones, it can also spare your family from costly repair bills down the road.

If you are constantly fixing your furnace or find that it is not as efficient as before, you may want to consider upgrading your furnace to enhance comfort and energy efficiency in your home.

Need help with choosing or installing your new Lennox furnace? Contact our team in Markham for more information on prices and models.

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