Step by Step Furnace Humidifier Installation Guideline

Step by Step Furnace Humidifier Installation Guideline

Hello, Ontario! As winter approaches, keeping our homes cozy and healthy is crucial. I’m here, a seasoned HVAC Technician from Constant Home Comfort, to share a straightforward guide on installing a furnace humidifier. Let’s dive in and make your home winter-ready!

Unraveling Furnace Humidifier Installation: An Expert Guide for Ontario Residents

I. Understanding Furnace Humidifiers

Furnace humidifiers, as their name implies, are devices that add humidity to your indoor air via your furnace. In the blistering cold of Canadian winters, the air inside your home tends to dry out, causing various issues like dry skin, irritation, and even escalating illnesses linked to dry air. That’s where a well-installed furnace humidifier steps in, improving not just your comfort but also your home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

II. Tools and Materials Needed for Furnace Humidifier Installation

Here’s a quick checklist of what you’ll need for the installation:

  • Furnace humidifier kit (includes the humidifier, a control device, and a template)
  • Drill, pliers, adjustable wrench
  • Tin snips, tubing cutter, hole saw

You can find these tools in local stores or online.

III. Choosing the Right Spot for Your Furnace Humidifier Installation

Determining where to set up your furnace humidifier is of prime importance in the Furnace Humidifier Installation process. A well-chosen location ensures better efficiency and effectiveness of the device. For instance, in my years of experience in the field in Ontario, I’ve seen overwhelming positive results when the humidifier is installed on the return air ductwork.

Installing it closer to the furnace and water supply enables a more efficient process of humidification. However, it should never obstruct the service panels or create any safety concern. A factor to consider when picking the spot is the noise it would make when running. Consider an area where it doesn’t interfere much with the peace and quiet of your home.

IV. Furnace Humidifier Installation and Operation: Understanding the Process

To grasp the process of Furnace Humidifier Installation and Operation, let’s break it down a little more. The installation process begins with the assembly of the furnace humidifier, which includes unboxing, inspecting the parts, and reading through the instruction manual.

Next, the furnace humidifier and the humidistat need to be connected to the water supply and wired to the furnace, respectively. I always advise my clients in Ontario to follow the manual carefully during this step.

Once the Furnace Humidifier Installation is complete, understand the operation process; set your humidistat to the desired level considering the outside temperature. Routinely check if your system maintains the set humidity level or requires adjustments.

V. The Installation Process for a Furnace Humidifier

While every furnace humidifier comes with a manual, here are some general guidelines that should be followed:

1. Safety Precautions

Before you start with the Furnace Humidifier Installation, safety should be your utmost priority. Turn off all power and water supply connected to the furnace and humidifier.

2. Installing the Humidifier

Now begins the actual Furnace Humidifier Installation. Start by identifying and marking your humidifier’s location using the template provided, then make the necessary cutouts for the humidifier unit and the humidistat.

3. Connecting to the Water Supply

Post-installation, connect the humidifier to the water supply, making sure the connections are tight and leak-proof.

4. Connecting the Humidifier to the Furnace

Here, you’ll configure the humidifier’s wiring to the furnace control. This step integrates the humidifier system with the furnace seamlessly.

5. Setting Up the Humidistat

Set the humidistat according to the recommended settings to maintain the desired humidity level in your home.

6. Testing the System

After Furnace Humidifier Installation, it’s imperative to thoroughly check if the system is functioning correctly.

VI. Tips for Maintenance of Furnace Humidifier

I often tell my Ontario clients that Furnace Humidifier Installation is not a one-and-done job; it requires ongoing care and maintenance.

Make it a practice to check and replace the evaporator pad at least once or twice every heating season, depending on your water’s hardness. A clogged or hardened evaporator pad can drastically reduce your humidifier’s efficiency.

The humidifier’s water supply line can develop mineral encrustation over time, leading to restricted water flow. Ensure you’re checking this situation at least once a year, and more frequently if your water supply is hard or has high mineral content.

Lastly, the humidistat requires calibration to function properly. Ensure that indoor humidity levels match with the humidistat setting, rectifying discrepancies as needed

If I summarize this section –

  • Replace the water-absorbing pad once or twice a heating season.
  • Check the water line yearly for any mineral buildup.
  • Calibrate the control device to ensure accurate humidity levels.

VII. Troubleshoot Common Problems

In my experience, some problems frequently arise in furnace humidifiers among Ontario residents. For example, the humidifier not running, making a sound but not humidifying, or leaking. Most times, these are due to improper Furnace Humidifier Installation or maintenance. A simple cleaning or component-replacement can usually solve these issues.

VIII. When to Seek Professional Help

While many aspects of Furnace Humidifier Installation and maintenance are do-it-yourself, there are instances where professional assistance becomes necessary. For example, if your furnace humidifier is still not running despite following all the guidelines, it may be time to call in professionals. Here at Constant Home Comfort, we’ve got a team of dedicated professionals always ready to help.


Understanding and implementing a proper Furnace Humidifier Installation can greatly enhance your indoor living comfort, especially during those harsh Ontario winters. A well-operating furnace humidifier promotes a healthy living environment, keeps wooden furniture from cracking, and even lowers heating bills by making you feel warmer at a lower temperature.

However, bear in mind that installing a furnace humidifier is just the starting point. Regular maintenance, timely checks, and necessary adjustments are equally crucial for the longevity and optimal functioning of the device. You’ve taken the first step by educating yourself on Furnace Humidifier Installation. Now, it’s time to put this knowledge to practical use.

Remember, at Constant Home Comfort, we’re constantly prepared to guide you through the process or help you with your heating and comfort needs. You’ve got this, but we’re here if you need us. Stay comfortable, Ontario!


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