Furnace Services in London, ON: Find Out If High-Efficiency Furnaces Are Really Worth the Hype

Furnace Services in London, ON: Find Out If High-Efficiency Furnaces Are Really Worth the Hype

The cold weather is chilling our bones and there’s no better escape than installing a furnace that keeps the indoors well-heated. But, installing a high energy-efficient heating system is to kill two birds with one stone as you will be saving both energy and expenses on your electric bills. A high-efficient unit converts almost 90% of the fuel into heat, cutting down your energy expenses to a great extent. 

However, having your high-efficiency furnace installed with experienced professionals is one of the key factors. Moreover, it gives you an edge over other homeowners as you’ll be eligible for top-level maintenance and repair services. 

If you are one of the homeowners looking for trusted Keeprite furnace services in London, then your search ends here! Constant Home Comfort London is here to meet your needs for furnace installation, up-gradation, repair and maintenance. We service London, Kitchener, Hamilton, and all surrounding areas. 

Things you need to know before buying a high-efficiency furnace;


Distinctions between a high-efficiency furnace and a regular furnace

  • A high-efficiency furnace caters 90% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) while a regular furnace provides about 80% AFUE and 20% of the energy made from natural gas gets wasted.
  • High-efficiency furnaces are environmentally-friendly, whereas the non-efficient heating appliances are less likely ecological.
  • Your utility bill drops down when you have a high-efficiency heating system as it uses less energy than your regular furnace.


Why having a high-efficiency furnace is always beneficial 

The first step before installing a furnace at your house is checking if your attic is properly insulated as then you can take the highest advantage from your heating system. 

Now, let’s make it logical and explore the advantages of having a high-efficiency furnace.


Great efficiency comes with greater outcomes

When you are upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace, then you are automatically spending towards great performance and features. Efficiency ensures more than just one advantage such as the eco-friendly approach, less energy consumption, better functionality and low energy expenses. A high-efficiency furnace makes sure that you take pleasure in great comfort and luxury during the winter months without spending extra bucks on repair and maintenance.


High-efficiency depicts lower energy consumption

A high-efficiency furnace tends to consume lesser energy and saves your pocket from paying a heavy electricity bill. What’s more! These energy-efficient furnaces make it possible to sustain nonrenewable energy for future energy scarcity. This is a remarkable way that we can contribute to preserving natural resources like oil and gas. 


Low maintenance cost against high-efficiency

When it comes to higher efficiency, the chances are lower for your furnace to create nuisances. These high-efficiency furnaces are well-designed with advanced features to run smoothly without going out of order now and then. Therefore, by installing a highly efficient heating unit, you save both time and maintenance costs.


Increases the market price of your home

Do you know a high-efficiency furnace can upgrade the value of your house? Yes, by installing a high energy-efficient heating appliance at your house, you invest in its future. If you are planning to sell your house anytime ahead, you’ll enjoy a great resale value.


Energy star rebates you can avail these holidays

If you are thinking of replacing that old furnace with a high-efficiency unit this winter, Constant Home Comfort London can be your one-stop solution. Homeowners can enjoy furnace rebates as much as $2,300 and attic insulation rebates up to $1,300* 

Attention homeowners, rebates are dropping by $250 after January 1, 2020. Don’t miss the wheel of fortune, upgrade your furnace before we say Happy New Year! 

Have a question regarding rebates or furnace installation? Let us guide your way, contact us today to resolve all your furnace-related queries.

*Rebates are subject to change at any time without prior intimation.

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