Furnace Maintenance Plan

To maintain your heating system can keep your money in the pocket and also can extend the life of your old equipment. Prematurely many families that have to replace heating equipment will realize that will become one of the most expensive costs you encounter in the ongoing up keep of their home.

The great monthly savings by operating a clean, efficient comfort heating system which can compare to a old unit that is working too hard to keep you house warm, out ways the cost of the yearly maintenance.

At constant home comfort we offer our customers up to 21 point Maintenance Plan that not only facilitates the cleaning of the furnace system, but offers a piece of mind Parts & Labour element to the maintenance plan.

So many homeowners really fear the worst, having the companies’ technicians arrive to perform the maintenance and when completed, handing homeowners a big fat bill to replace some parts.

With our current promotion, you can have your furnace maintained for a low cost of only $9.99+HST reduced from original $16.99 +HST However, if you purchase a new furnace and sign up with us immediately, we will give you a early bird discount for only $8.99+HST*

This Plan will give you a complete report on whether your equipment needs attention, adjustment, service or none of the above. Once we figure out the health and life of your equipment, we will enter into a plan for your equipment.

This easy One Plan program allows you to pay for this low cost service monthly by pre-authorized payment (void cheque) or by Enbridge account bill.

Get your piece of mind right away with Constant home comfort! Start calling constant home comfort at 1-888-829-1875 !!!

*constant home comfort reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time without prior notice. The early bird discount is for the first twelve(12) Months on the Plan after which time the monthly installments will automatically increase to 9.99/Month +HST.