Get FREE* Heat Pump for Selected Furnace Brands

Get FREE* Heat Pump for Selected Furnace Brands

Upgrade your home’s HVAC system with our top-of-the-line heat pump for FREE*! Say goodbye to high energy bills and hello to efficient heating all winter long.

Here is how it works:

  • Contact us if you have Lennox/York/Armstrong Air Furnace
  • Our comfort advisor will provide Free Evaluation, and see if the installation is compliant
  • Apply and install Free* Heat pump

Contact us for more information.

T: 1-855-619-1002

Why You Need A Heat Pump
Due to the cold climate in Canada, space heating accounts for over 60% of energy consumption. A heat pump is one of the most energy-efficient heating equipment you can use to reduce your carbon footprint. A heat pump can be a reliable heating and cooling source in moderate climates. In cold climates, heat pumps are more efficient and require fewer supplementary heating sources. Heat is transferred from a low-temperature area to a higher-temperature area using electricity. A contractor or energy advisor can help you estimate the potential savings you can achieve with heat pumps in your area. In some regions, heat pumps can make significant reductions in GHG emissions within a relatively short period of time, despite having more components and being more expensive than other heating systems. There may be variations in utility rates in other areas, causing this period to be extended. Find out if a heat pump is right for you by speaking with an energy advisor.

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