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Lucien Lesage and his brother Jean started a business in their basement to repair electric irons. Shortly thereafter, on a friend’s suggestion, they decided to begin manufacturing electric irons instead of just repairing them.

The company moved from its Ste. Catherine St. East residential location to a virtually roofless building in the municipality of Montreal East. The factory operated weather permitting. The company “Giant Electric Manufacturing Co.” was born.

Giant added two new products – Toasters and Heating Plates. Then it was time to expand production. Lucien Lesage, who was a man with manufacturing talents, worked hard to improve the products and production. The number of employees increased rapidly. During this period Mr. Lesage kept a constant presence in the factory.

Giant began manufacturing electric immersion elements and quickly followed with assembling residential electric hot water storage type water heaters. Lucien was then convinced that he had finally found the products that would become the cornerstones of his expanding company

The introduction in to the market of the premier quality Cascade 40 and Cascade 60 electric water heaters contributed greatly to the company’s rising success.

At a time when the company’s production seemed to have reached a plateau, Lucien’s only son, Claude, a professional engineer, joined Giant ushering in a new era that would bring the company to new heights.

Claude bought Giant Electric Manufacturing Co. from his father and uncle. Lucien stayed on as President and Treasurer. Production became Claude’s main focus.

Giant purchased the tubular element assembly line from Westinghouse Electric in Hamilton, ON.. The equipment was moved to Giant’s plant in Montreal – East, QC. Giant soon became a major factor in the immersion element business in Canada.

Having acquired the basic technology & equipment to produce immersion elements, Giant then invested in new more modern production equipment. The company quickly became the largest Canadian manufacturer of immersion elements.

Giant built Quebec’s first and only glass – lined tank factory with a capacity of 400 units per shift.

A disastrous fire destroyed most of Giant’s manufacturing facilities. The roof was gone and two thirds of the plant leveled. Many people believed that Giant would, at worst, have to close its doors for ever or at best, be out of business for at least one year. However, thanks in large part to the super
human efforts of Giant’s employees and many contractors who worked around the clock for days and weeks on end, the factory was rebuilt, equipment re-furbished or replaced. Almost miraculously, in approximately two weeks time, the production of water heaters and elements re-commenced.

Giant introduced a top quality line of Residential Natural and Propane Gas Water Heaters plus had a dramatic increase in its production capacity. Also, to reflect the fact that Giant was no longer just in the electric water heater business, the corporate name was changed to Usines Giant inc. / Giant Factories Inc.

An extensive line of heavy duty commercial electric water heaters was brought to market.

Giant put its first robot in place to perform some tedious jobs that employees no longer liked to do and to help boost production and quality. Other robots followed. New production goals were attained. At the same time, water heaters of the highest quality ever seen in Canada were being produced.

A components division was created and began manufacturing in- house with state-of-the-art equipment an expanded line of immersion elements, as well as numerous component parts that were previously purchased – in items.

A premium quality line of Commercial Gas Water Heaters which had many unique features was introduced in to the market place.

Due to the effectiveness of the use of robots in the production of our water heaters dating back to 1987, a major decision was made and implemented immediately to automate our production facilities to further improve our quality, to minimize the labor content in the manufacturing process, and to increase our plant capacity by a quantum leap. Complex custom machinery was designed and built in-house which was used in conjunction with several robots made this all happen.

Giant turned fifty ( 50 ) years old and still was and is fully committed to its cornerstone values of Integrity – Reliability- Consistency – Quality and Value. It also remains true to its pledge to make products that are “Environmentally Safe, Energy Efficient,” and “Built to Last longer”.

Was a mile-stone year in the history of Giant Factories. Not only was it granted ISO 9002 1994 Certification but we introduced greenfoam-logo75 insulation.

Giant Factories took a Giant leap forward in technology to help preserve our precious environment by becoming the world’s FIRST major appliance/ water heater manufacturer to use truly ECO-FRIENDLY greenfoam-logo75 insulation in its heaters. Giant’s unique greenfoam-logo75 insulation contains NO HCFC’s, NO CFC’s and NO VOC’s. As well, since greenfoam-logo75 insulation is totally re-cyclable, it is considered by many environmentalists to be a real step forward to help stop the Greenhouse effect or damage to the Ozone layer. Once again, Giant proved that it was a Concerned & Responsible corporate citizen.

Residential Oil-Fired Water Heaters were added to our ever-growing product offering. As with all Giant water heaters, these oil-fired water heaters have several unique features and are very energy efficient.

Three sizes of Residential Power Vent Gas Water Heaters were successfully introduced in to the market.

Three sizes of Residential Direct Vent Gas Water Heaters were brought to market and were an instant success due to a patented “Wind-Tamer” device that withstands wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour.

An improved and expanded line of Commercial Gas Water Heaters – flue dampered and Power Vent – with many outstanding features were put on the market.

A 75 US gal capacity 75,000 BTU input gas water heaters, both Atmospheric and Power-Vent were added to our growing family of top quality products.

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