Greener Home Grant for HVAC – Act Now!

Greener Home Grant for HVAC – Act Now!

The federal government will pay you rebates to increase your home’s energy efficiency! Up to $10,600 in rebates available.

Ontario is forging ahead with a clear vision for sustainable housing, and the Greener Homes Grant is at the forefront of this green movement. The transition to eco-friendly homes is not just a step toward environmental conservation; it also promises considerable energy savings for homeowners. Get returns of up to $10,600! Experience augmented rebates, courtesy of the collaborative efforts between Enbridge Gas and the Government of Canada’s Greener Homes Grant. The changes in the energy Ontario grants removed some of the eligible HVAC options including Air conditioners, Tankless and Water Heaters, Furnaces, Boilers. Looking for a new furnace with your rebates? Call us for information and eligibility 1-888-675-5907 you have options in Ontario. Enhance the efficiency of your home with various upgrades and receive the following financial support:

Home Insulation:The Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative empowers homeowners to enhance their home insulation. This effectively reduces heat loss, leading to enhanced energy efficiency and potential cost savings. Insulation’s ability to resist heat flow is assessed using both R-value (imperial measurement) and RSI value (metric measurement). A higher resistance value signifies a slower rate of heat transfer through the insulating material. These values are pivotal in determining insulation recommendations and calculating your incentive. Be it your attic or basement, making informed choices about materials and expert installation is key to achieving the desired results. In this section, we delve into insulation types, house wrap materials (covering air barriers and vapor barriers), and provide insights on weatherstripping windows and doors. For insulation to perform optimally, it must possess qualities that include heat resistance, complete and uniform coverage, durability, and, in certain cases, resilience against heat or moisture exposure. The choice of insulation materials may vary according to specific locations within the house envelope, taking into account factors such as available space, accessibility, and installation prerequisites. All products and equipment must be bought within Canada. Online orders are only eligible if placed through a distributor operating within Canada.

Upgrade eligible areas like the attic, cathedral ceiling, flat roof, exterior wall, exposed floor, basement, and crawl space.
Up to $5,000 in funding.


Enhancing your home’s draft resistance is the most critical retrofit for boosting energy efficiency, making it a top priority in any retrofit plan. Your Renovation Upgrade Report will offer an airtightness improvement goal. Typically, the airtightness levels outlined in the table below are attainable with the expertise of a professional air-sealing specialist.

Achieve the goal specified in your Renovation Upgrade Report $550

Qualify for an increased grant:

  • If you exceed the target by 10% in your report (i.e., 0.9 x target valueFootnote1) $810
    If you surpass the target by 20% in your report (i.e., 0.8 x target valueFootnote1) $1,000″
  • Improve your home’s airtightness to meet air-change rate targets.
    Up to $1,000 in support.

Smart Thermostat:

Smart or programmable thermostats enhance your comfort, help you cut energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint. Opting for a smart or programmable thermostat enables you to create schedules for automatic temperature adjustments during energy-saving periods.

Grant eligibility criteria:

  • Must be paired with an energy efficiency retrofit from the Canada Greener Homes Grant initiative.
  • Exclusions: New heat pumps that include new thermostats are not eligible for combination with this measure.
  • A resiliency measure and a thermostat must be combined with another energy efficiency measure to qualify for the grants.

All equipment must be purchased in Canada.
Online purchases are only eligible when made through a Canadian distributor.

Enhance comfort and energy savings by adding a smart thermostat (when combined with another energy efficiency retrofit).

Substitute a manual thermostat with a programmable or smart/adaptive thermostat to receive a $50 incentive.

Space and Water Heating:

Furnaces and boilers do not qualify for the Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative, except for homeowners residing in northern and off-grid communities. Given Canada’s cold climate, space heating consumes over 60% of the energy in the typical Canadian home. Transitioning to more energy-efficient heating equipment, like a heat pump, can result in energy savings and potentially reduce both utility bills and your carbon footprint. It’s important to remember that the lifetime energy costs of a product are just as crucial as its initial purchase price. For more information about energy-efficient heating equipment, please explore the options.

Greener Homes Grant | Resiliency Measures

Climate change and its repercussions often have direct implications for your residence. A multitude of environmental changes stemming from climate shifts, such as wildfires, floods, wind damage, and power outages, can impact your home. Your dwelling and its geographical location can offer insights into the unique challenges you may face due to climate change. If you’re currently in the midst of enhancing your home, it’s worthwhile to explore supplementary retrofit options that can concurrently fortify your dwelling and safeguard your family from environmental threats. The resiliency measures outlined below should be integrated with an energy efficiency retrofit from the Canadian Greener Homes Grant initiative.

Protect your home and family from environmental damage (when combined with another energy efficiency retrofit).

Receive support of up to $2,625.

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