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GreenON Rebates Program

The GreenON program is available until Sep 30, 2018. If you’re a homeowner, there are plenty of other rebate opportunities that you may qualify for! Contact our team to learn more.Interested in saving money on home improvements while simultaneously fighting climate change? Sign up for the GreenON program and other available rebates when you make eco-friendly improvements!Specially designed to help Ontarians go green while helping the environment, the GreenON Program is funded by the government of Canada. Using the proceeds received from Ontario’s carbon market, the GreenON program enables homeowners and businesses to effortlessly reduce their energy costs while shrinking their carbon footprint – all through simple home upgrades that practically pay for themselves.

Who Can Participate

Ontario residents who live in detached homes, townhomes, or semi-detached homes are eligible to take advantage of generous GreenON rebates. All you need to do is book a participating contractor, like us at Constant Home Comfort to help with the upgrades.

At Constant Home Comfort, our team of qualified service technicians are dedicated to helping Ontarians like you save big. That’s why we’re proud to be a participating contractor in the GreenON program. Not only will our team help with the installation process, we’ll also handle all the rebates paperwork for you. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you receive all the rebates you’re entitled to without having to lift a finger.

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Ready to save? Learn more about the GreenON rebates you can avail of:

GreenON Rebates for Heat Pumps

Are you a home or business owner looking to save on environmentally friendly home upgrades such as a heat pump? GreenON is currently offering Ontario residents rebates of up to $20,000 when they upgrade, install or replace a new heat pump in their home.

Air-Source Heat Pumps

Did you know that an air-source heat pump has the potential to deliver 1 ½ to 3 times more heat energy to your home than the electrical energy it consumes? With a properly installed air-source heat pump, not only will you be able to heat and cool your home more efficiently year round, you’ll also notice significant savings on your heat and energy bills.

Some of the other benefits associated with air-source heat pumps include:

  • Breathing Easy – an air-source heat pump can help to reduce the pollen, dust and dirt within your home
  • Eliminates Humidity – air-source heat pumps help to dehumidify your home and has been proven to be more effective than central air-conditioners
  • Helps Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – air-source heat pumps consume less energy which in turn, is better for the environment.
By simply asking a participating contractor like Constant Home Comfort to help purchase and install an eligible ENERGY STAR® air-source heat pump, you can earn up to $5,800 in rebates!Does your house have existing ductwork? You can get:

  • Up to $3,250 in rebates after installing an ENERGY STAR® Ducted Air Source Heat Pump
  • Up to $5,000 in rebates after installing an ENERGY STAR® Cold Climate Ducted Air-Source Heat Pump

No ductwork? No problem! You still get:

  • Up to $1,900 in rebates after installing an ENERGY STAR® Ductless Air-Source Heat Pump
  • Up to $2,500 in rebates after installing an ENERGY STAR® Ductless Multiport Air-Source Heat Pump (plus $250 for each additional interior unit, up to a maximum of $4,250 in rebates)
  • Up to $2,500 in rebates after installing an ENERGY STAR® Cold Climate Ductless Air-Source Heat Pump
  • Up to $3,000 in rebates after installing an ENERGY STAR® Cold Climate Ductless Multiport (plus $400 for each additional interior unit, up to a maximum of $5,800 in rebates)

Ground-Source Heat Pumps

Keep your house comfortably warm or cool while reducing your carbon emissions by installing a ground-source heat pump. Otherwise known as a home geothermal, ground-source heat pumps use the underground temperatures of the earth to draw heat that effortlessly keeps indoor temperatures at a happy medium. Not only are ground-source heat pumps more efficient than traditional heating systems, it is also considered the most eco-friendly space heating method available on the market.

Still need a bit more convincing? You can enjoy these additional perks just by installing an eligible ground-source heat pump:

  • Reduces your carbon footprint by using less energy than a traditional heating system
  • Cost Efficient – reduces heating costs by up to 50% in the winter and reverses its cycle in the summer to help keep your home cool and comfortable
  • Acts as a dehumidifier – ground-source heat pumps cooling cycle encourages dehumidification within your home to help you save on energy use

The GreenON program makes it easy to update your home with an ENERGY STAR® certified ground-source heat pump. Simply work with a participating contractor to purchase and install your new equipment, and you could be eligible to receive up to $20,000 in rebates.

Rebates are available for the following ground-source heat pump models:

Horizontal Closed-Loop Heat Pump

Horizontal closed-loop heat pumps are the most cost effective for those with homes located on sufficient land. Pipes are laid in trenches, which requires minimum of 600 feet of ¾” or 1” HDPE pipe per ton or 500 feet of 1-¼” HDPE pipe per ton.

Rebates available: receive $2,000/loop ton up to $15,000 from GreenON

Pond Closed-Loop Heat Pump

Have a pond on your property? Then a pond closed-loop heat pump may be the most cost-effective for you. Heat pump pipes are laid at least eight feet below the pond surface and connect to your home.

Rebates available: receive $2,000/loop ton up to $15,000 from GreenON

Call Constant Home Comfort today at 1 (888) 675-5907 to find out more about your next Lennox A/C or Furnace unit!

Vertical Closed-Loop Heat Pump

Vertical closed-loop heat pumps are most often used when there is less space available or when the soil is too shallow or difficult to trench. Pipes require minimum 200 feet of borehole and 400 feet of ¾” or 1” HDPE pipe per ton or 180 feet of borehole and 360 feet of 1-¼” HDPE pipe per ton.

Rebates available: receive $3,000/loop ton up to $20,000 from GreenON

Thinking about upgrading your existing heat pump? If your system is at least 20 years old, you can get up to $4,500 to replace or repair it. Rebates start at $750/ton when replacing an existing ground source heat pump and $750/loop for ground loop repair. Contact Constant Home Comfort today to book a consult.

GreenON Rebates for Insulation

Do your part to help protect your home from outside elements by installing new insulation. Not only will a well insulated home will give you better control of the temperature within your house, it’ll also help you save up to 15% on heating and cooling costs. In addition, installing new insulation will also allow you to increase your home’s resale value while decreasing your overall carbon footprint.

When you upgrade your home insulation from top to bottom, you could be eligible to receive up to $7,200 off the total cost of purchasing and installing your home’s insulation.

Cuts drafts, lower heating/cooling costs and help keep the temperature within your home consistent by upgrading the insulation of your attic, basement and exterior walls. By doing so, you can earn the following rebates:

  • Receive $1/ft2 up to $1,500 for upgrading your attic insulation
  • Receive $2/ft2 up to $1,900 when you update your basement insulation
  • Receive $2/ft2 up to $3,800 when you upgrade your home’s exterior wall insulation

Keep your home comfortably warm this winter while saving on energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint by investing in eco-friendly home upgrades like heat pumps and insulation.

Thanks to GreenON rebates, upgrading your home and going green practically pays for itself. Don’t wait up. Book Constant Home Comfort as your contractor today. Simply give our team a call at 1-888-675-5907 to speak with one of our technicians.

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I have my Air Conditioning installed by this company, the technician so nice , I was so happy for what they done for me!


Great service from Constant Home Comfort for my house foam insulation in July 2018 , temperature in my house feels comfortable after they have done the job, highly recommended !


To Cary and his team I would love to recommend your company to all my friends, the speed in which you came to replace our furnace is amazing, although I was told by the installers I called there are no rebates, you have been able to get me the rebates and lower my cost significantly.


I had an excellent experience with Constant Home Comfort.  From the first phone call to constant home comfort, to the sales appointment all the way until the end of the installation process, i was completely impressed. Not only professionally, but friendliness and courtesy, which is very important to me. I have had bad experiences with HVAC companies before, but felt secure after the first phone call. I had replaced my furnace and a/c unit and Constant Home Comfort was able to save me more money than I initially thought, and they handled the paperwork for the rebates for me… made the process SO much less of a hassle on my end. Thanks guys! 


The process was amazing and customer service is extraordinary.


I bought a new air condition unit from Ally at Constant. Their service and workmanship was excellent. The tech -Alex took his time to complete the job.

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