Help, My Furnace is Blowing Lukewarm / Cold Air! Call Now for 24/7 Affordable Furnace Repairs | Lennox Furnace Maintenance, GTA

Help, My Furnace is Blowing Lukewarm / Cold Air! Call Now for 24/7 Affordable Furnace Repairs | Lennox Furnace Maintenance, GTA

It’s here, Old Man Winter has finally rolled into town. How’s your furnace holding up?

If you’ve turned it on for the first time only to notice that your house still has hot and cold spots, it might be time for a closer inspection. 

Don’t wait until the bulk of the winter hits. Constant Home Comfort is a trusted HVAC dealer and repair technician in the GTA. We provide 24/7 emergency services so that you and your family are never put out. CHC also has a ton of amazing HVAC rebates in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and all across the GTA that you can avail of. 

Ready to claim your furnace rebates in the GTA? 1,000s of dollars in rebates are available for homeowners in Ontario. Upgrade to a high-efficiency unit to save BIG on capital costs and long-term utility overheads. Seriously, your wallet will thank you. 

We service all major brands, delivering top-notch Lennox furnace maintenance services, as well as services relating to other industry-leading brands; American Standard, Goodman, and more. Why wait? Your comfort is the #1 priority. Pick up a phone and call us now at: 1(888) 675-5907.


Why is My Furnace Blowing Lukewarm Air?

Great question. This is a more common problem than you might imagine. Don’t stress, CHC is here to walk you through the process. 

The only time that your furnace should emit lukewarm air is when you’ve programmed your thermostat to that effect. For instance, you may have unknowingly changed the thermostat’s settings to activate the blower fan; this causes the heater to switch off, bringing down the indoor temperature.

On that note, double check your thermostat. More often than not, the issue might be due to the battery not being charged in a while leading to a drastic decline in the indoor temperature. One surefire giveaway that it’s a battery issue; the display on your thermostat will be slightly faded; although, this doesn’t always happen so don’t bank on it. 

Play it safe and call in a trusted HVAC technician like CHC. Sometimes, DIY repairs can end up costing you more in the long run. 


It Could Just Be a Clogged Filter

It’s no secret that air filters do a LOT to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). To perform at their very best, change your air filter every 6 months or so. This allows your HVAC system to perform brilliantly without interruption. 

Attempting to troubleshoot a problematic filter? Keep an eye out for the following:

  • The filter could have collected dust and become clogged over time
  • Each HVAC system comes with its own air filter specifications; make sure yours is the right one for your unit’s make and model
  • Is the filter properly installed? It needs to “point” the right way to ensure that the airflow passes through the filter correctly.

Don’t take a gamble when it comes to your comfort. Leave the heavy lifting to us. Constant Home Comfort offers phenomenal furnace maintenance, inspection and repair services. 

A professional will be sent to your home to closely inspect the system, ensure there are no loose or faulty parts, calibrate your thermostat correctly, identify leakages and air loss, and restore comfort to your home. 


HVAC Furnace Rebates in the GTA (Claim Up to Thousands* of Dollars)

It could just be that your unit is on its last legs. It may be time for an upgrade!

There are a TON of benefits with trading in your old money-guzzling unit for a high-efficiency HVAC system. 

With your new unit, you’ll notice one major difference; your monthly utility costs have taken a nosedive. HIgh-efficiency furnaces perform at 93 to 98% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). 

A good HVAC system also generates optimal heating across your home, making sure there are consistent levels of airflow. You can also enjoy phenomenal humidity control with your new unit. 

The best part? There are some seriously generous government rebates available for homeowners who make the switch to a high-efficiency HVAC system. 

If eligible, you can install a new furnace starting at just $799 after rebates! Ask us how you can begin your rebate application process. All rebates are available for a limited time only. Don’t wait.

Call: 1 888 675 5907


*Rebate offers can be changed at any time without prior notice at CHC’s discretion. 


Looking for Trusted Furnace Repairs, Installation, Maintenance in the GTA?

CHC is At Your Service!

24/7 emergency services. Top-notch furnace repairs and installation in the GTA. Trusted HVAC professionals. Great rebate opportunities. 

Call now to get your furnace repaired or replaced. Our expert technicians are standing by. 

Call: 1 888 675 5907

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