Here’s How a Tankless Water Heater Will Save You Money

Here’s How a Tankless Water Heater Will Save You Money

Old storage water heater tanks are old systems in your home that can cost you a lot of potential financial and energy savings. Nowadays, people are starting to install and rely on tankless water heaters to properly warm their water during the fall and winter. When you buy tankless water heaters in the GTA, you’re using a heating system that doesn’t hold any water when in use, so you’re not paying for wasted energy! 

As a premier tankless water heater installer in Markham, our team at Constant Home Comfort has the knowledge and expertise to determine if it’s right for your home. We’ll go over what exactly a tankless water heater is, its benefits, how to figure out if it’s the right size for your home, and how much money it can save you in the long run. 


What is a Tankless Water Heater?

A tankless water heater is a demand-type water heating unit that heats your home’s water without using a large, costly storage tank. Whenever you turn on your tap, cold water flows through the tankless water heater where it’s quickly and efficiently heated with electricity, a gas burner, or liquid propane. The heated water is then sent to your faucet. 

Tankless water heaters provide your home with many benefits. First, they require no wait time as the hot water pours instantly. They’re also known for their long life expectancy compared to a standard storage water heater, lasting up to 20 years of operation instead of the usual 10-15 years. Tankless heaters also offer a more endless supply of hot water compared to older models, making sure you don’t run out during crucial times of the day. Tankless water heaters are also easier to prepare for winter as it takes seconds to unplug water. 

When you install and maintain a tankless water heater, they’re built to be more compact and safer to deal with than other models. Their size has considerably grown bigger with thicker insulation to reduce unneeded heat loss and can be hung on a wall. Safety-wise, these heaters won’t spill water out in the case of a leak. Because of a great back-drafting system, they won’t bring in carbon monoxide and other dangerous bacteria due to their sealed air supply and exhaust vents. 


How Does a Tankless Water Heater Save Me Money?

Tankless water heaters are known for their high water and energy efficiency. The devices only distribute hot water when they are needed and don’t waste unnecessary water or electricity when activated. Although there’s a significant upfront cost and installation price, the benefits outweigh the expensive tag by saving you a lot on your energy bills long term. For example, a typical tankless model can average around $1000 depending on the model, but they can save you $100 or more in energy bills over the course of several years. 


How Do I Know Which System to Install Based on the Size of My Home?

Our professional technicians will inspect the space of installation in your home to help with this process. There are many types of tankless water heaters, such as Whole House or Point of Use, and our technicians will assist in determining which is right for you and where it will be installed. 

Tankless water heaters are overall much smaller than traditional water storage heaters. They take up less space in rooms and can be mounted on the wall. Moreover, they’re easy to hide in plain sight and can complement your home’s design. 

Another factor to consider is the flow rate of the tankless water heater. This helps determine the temperature of your home’s water supply and the areas it flows to. Take the time to inspect your home and list down all the devices you expect to use for hot water. 

There are special rebates and deals we can always inform you of at Constant Home Comfort to help lessen the cost of tankless water heaters. Call us now for a quote at 1-(888)-675-5907 or contact us HERE to start saving this fall!

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