High-Efficiency Furnaces: Multi-Speed vs Variable, Which is Right For Me? | Furnace Rebates Hamilton

High-Efficiency Furnaces: Multi-Speed vs Variable, Which is Right For Me? | Furnace Rebates Hamilton

For many people, the variety of furnace options can seem daunting and especially during this season you might want to rush the process so you don’t have to deal with an old run-down furnace during the cold months anymore. Here are some important information to help you along that process and here at Constant Home Comfort we can help you the extra mile and give you furnace rebates in Hamilton, and new furnace installation services!


Lower-End Old Furnaces

If you have an old furnace you probably have a two-stage furnace; which, just as the name implies, only has two settings on and off. No matter the amount needed to heat or cool your house this system runs at full blast, using up a lot of power fast. You can see how this can be an issue very annoyance, once it reaches temperature it shuts off, and without anything to help maintain it at the right temperature, it slowly drops until the furnace starts up again.


Multi-Speed Furnaces

Multi-speed furnaces allow much more choice with your heating using different settings. This type of furnace beats out the two-stage furnaces by having two different operating settings instead of just the one, having a setting for cold and another for hot. A majority of the time it runs at a low setting helping to maintain your ideal heating only turning up the power if it’s needed helping, which is much more fuel-efficient thus saving you more money.

Multispeed is the new standard for furnaces being a great solid choice with lower maintenance costs, low energy consumption thus the lower energy bills, with better control of air quality and humidity than the old two-stage furnace. 


Variable Speed Furnaces

These furnaces are on the higher end being a bot more pricey but it helps you save in the long term as well. Instead of a two setting system of on and off or the multi-speeds system of high and low, this gives you full range and control. Adjusting its output speed incrementally providing consistent heating and airflow. This system also has an added benefit, because it starts gradually and speeds up slowly it is much less noisy than other types of blowers in furnaces.

This furnace also combats against stagnant air, constantly flowing it through the filtration system giving you cleaner air even when the heat isn’t running. This can be a huge benefit if your house has a problem with things like allergies, pet dandruff, dust, or respiratory concerns.


Which Furnace is the Best?

The best fit depends on your home and budget. Multi-speed furnaces will run you less than variable speed ones and generally have a low maintenance cost. If things like noise and allergens are more of a concern to you, you might want to go for the variable speed furnace. 


Both of these types are a huge improvement over a two-stage furnace, giving you more control over your heating and saving you money by not running at full blast so often. No matter your preference we at CHC can help you along the way, giving you the perfect fit furnace for you with great service.

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