How Do I Lower My Energy Bill and other Money-Saving Air Conditioning Unit FAQ’s | Dependable AC Repairs and Installations in London

How Do I Lower My Energy Bill and other Money-Saving Air Conditioning Unit FAQ’s | Dependable AC Repairs and Installations in London

You can save 10% annually on your energy bill by adjusting the room temperature by seven to ten degrees for eight hours a day.

With the warm weather approaching, we’re busting out our shorts and buying sunscreen in bulk. After a harsh Canadian winter, we’re ready to celebrate the heat with certified AC repairs in London! When the weather is sweltering hot and you need to retreat indoors, you can rely on your dependable AC unit. 

You may have used our licensed furnace repair in London for the colder months, and now it’s time to put our experts to work installing your cost-efficient AC unit. Have some questions about how to save money during the hot summer months while getting the best value for your buck? Let’s take a look at how we can keep you cool and save you on costs for years to come.


How many hours a day should the AC run in the summertime?

Contrary to popular belief, keeping your AC running all day does not save you money long term. We can install smart AC units that are controlled with a simple remote to help you control your HVAC unit while you’re away at work, on vacation or not home for long periods of time. 

With our innovative AC units, you can simply turn your unit back on when you’re close to home so that you can enjoy a comfortable environment without having to worry about the extra energy bill costs. So how many hours a day you should keep your AC unit turned really depends on the unique requirements of your home. 


How can I lower my AC bill?

Remaining cool during hot summer months doesn’t have to come at the expense of high energy bills. If you’re wondering if you should keep your AC running all day, we’re here to clear a few things up and save you on costs:

  1. Seal any areas responsible for air leaks that can let out precious cool air. Poorly sealed attics, old air ducts, and doors and window frames that have been improperly insulated can all result in you cranking the AC without additional cooling resulting in your home.
  2. Replace your HVAC air filters to prevent dust and any airborne pathogens to jeopardize your home’s air quality. Regularly replacing your air filters prevents damage to the AC unit and keeps your system running smoothly without having to pay extra for maintenance, or throwing money literally out of the window.
  3. Install a programmable thermostat that can help you save energy. Our smart air conditioners are programmed to switch off as soon as your desired temperature is reached. You can set your thermostat of the AC unit to increase when you’re asleep and lower it when you’re about to wake up.


How do I get my AC unit ready for the warmer months?

Make sure your AC unit is ready for action and follow these steps to ensure it’s running smoothly before the summer weather really starts. Here are some ways to get your unit ready for the summer:

  • Check if your thermostat is working properly
  • Inspect if the wires are connected properly, or if they are burned
  • Ensure the airflow around the AC unit is unrestricted, and has two feet of space all around the system
  • Examine the refrigerator pressure to ensure they’re neither too low nor too high
  • Properly clean the unit to maximize the efficiency when the unit gets turned ON 
  • Inspect the compressor and the fan to guarantee they’re not running overtime, leading the AC unit to overheat and shutdown prematurely


Beat the Heat and Prepare Your AC Unit for Summer with Reliable AC Repairs in London

Preparing your energy-efficient unit for the hot summer months can help you save on utility bills long-term. We can help you create a comfortable home all-year-round without having large financial burdens on your shoulders.

Call us anytime to speak to one of our fully-certified technicians and remain cool during spring and summer!

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