How to Get Your AC Ready For the Summer | AC Rebates Hamilton

How to Get Your AC Ready For the Summer | AC Rebates Hamilton

A new season can bring in new challenges and concerns for your HVAC system. During summer the saying “beat the heat” can really ring true if your air conditioner is not ready for the season, making you battle with the heat the whole season long.

Constant Home Comfort is here to help you with any issues during the new season, providing you with emergency AC repair services in Hamilton. Also offering AC rebates in Hamilton if things get really heated, we have your back.

Constant Home Comfort carries industry-leading Energy Star products that will allow you to save BIG this summer. By investing in these energy-friendly products, you will be cutting down on your utility costs and saving as much as 25%* on your ductless AC purchase.


Clean Your AC Filters

This simple thing can have a big impact on your HVAC condition and quality. Over time debris and dust build-up blocking off proper airflow causing the system to work a lot harder to do what it needs to. This means higher bills for you and more stress. During the summer months, your air conditioner can be in high use, causing the build-up to happen much faster than other times of the year. Depending on your HVAC system you might want to change the filter monthly, we would personally recommend that you check it at most every 60 days to make sure everything is working in top condition.


Leaky Ducts Can Be an Issue Too

Any compromises to your air ducts such as cracks or leaks can build up your expenses and issues too. If the seal is broken in any way then that means you’re not getting 100% of your promised conditioned air and just 75% or less. With leaky ducts it’s best to contact a professional to fix the issue, with how much we depend on air conditioning during summer its best to make sure everything is working in top shape without any doubt.


Make Sure to Check the Condition Outside as Well, Don’t Forget About Your Condenser Unit!

Just like your filters inside as time passes the condenser unit can have its own build-up, but this time its likely plant growth, debris, or even trash. Spring can bring in new plants and weeds growing in the way and blocking off its air intake, reducing performance overall. Before checking on it its best to turn off the HVAC system and then go outside and inspect.

Make sure there is nothing in the way like plant growth, trash, or other things around the outdoor condenser unit. It needs proper airflow to work in its best condition, we would recommend leaving a clearing around it about 3 feet for efficiency and safety. This will significantly hake your system more effective and cheaper as well.


Lastly Some Thermostat Tips!

If you have an old thermostat you can significantly reduce your HVAC costs by upgrading to a newer one, a programmable thermostat lets you comfortably set the temperature any time and anywhere. You can set it up to automatically change throughout the day like for instance when you want to save a bit when you are away at work during the day.

Even setting it to be a few degrees higher when you are away can help reduce your summer AC costs. Many now can also be controlled by your smartphone making changing the thermostat one of the easiest things on this list.

Are there any AC related rebates in Ontario?

Yes, depending on the model and type of AC you purchase, you may qualify for a rebate.

With CHCH, you can save up to 25% on ACs, furnaces, tankless water heaters, air purifier systems and thermostats with the Low Carbon Economy Fund Rebate. The Home Efficiency Rebate offers as much as $6,000* on eligible HVAC purchases. *Valid till April 30, 2020.

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Don’t Take a Gamble, Call in a Certified Constant HVAC Technician

For most people, it isn’t always easy to detect the problem. Fiddling with your system without the right knowledge could, in fact, worsen the issue.

At such a juncture, we strongly recommend calling in a trusted and professional technician.

Constant Home Comfort Hamilton offers emergency air conditioning repair services at very affordable rates. No longer will you have to be burdened by a broken system. Our licensed HVAC technicians have seen it all – there’s absolutely nothing they can’t handle. We offer;

  • quotes within minutes
  • fast installation
  • 24/7 repair services in the GTA

Constant Home Comfort Hamilton has your back, we do both air conditioner repairs and replacements so you can feel confident that you are going to be ready for the summer.


Fix your A/C before the summer arrives. Contact us to learn how we can help you.


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