How Will I Know If My Furnace Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced? | New Furnace Installation Hamilton

How Will I Know If My Furnace Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced? | New Furnace Installation Hamilton

Every winter, one of the common questions arises is when is the right time to replace or repair a furnace? When the weather gets cold, nothing but your furnace works as a saviour to protect your house from the winter chills. So, all you need is making sure that your furnace is prepared to keep you warm in this weather.

However, you need to understand if your furnace is on the right track or requires restoration. Whenever you discover that the furnace is making weird noises or burning more energy, then it’s time to replace it! At Constant Home Comfort Hamilton, we offer exciting furnace rebates in Hamilton that will save you a fortune at the time of your furnace installation. 

Nevertheless, before you make a further decision, here is a list of conditions that confirms your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced. 


Increased Electricity Bill:

Several factors play a key role in terms of causing additional energy expenses. However, if you were regular on maintenance, this shouldn’t be the case! A rapid increase in your electric bill makes it possible that your furnace is down-at-heel. Instead of paying extra for electricity every month, you can make a smart move by repairing or replacing your old furnace. 


Stange Noise:

Is your furnace making weird noises? Well, that’s pretty obvious with old furnaces as they start getting older. There are multiple signs of oddness to be found in a timeworn heating system, from turning on & off automatically to blowing cold air, your blower can cause complete chaos. Don’t sit back but contact a service expert!


Insufficient Heat:

One of the clear-cut reasons that your furnace requires inspection is when it stops releasing proper heat. If your thermostat setting is accurate but regardless of that the heater is not delivering enough warmth, then its time to repair it!


Nonfunctioning Carbon-Monoxide Detector:

All the furnaces have a carbon monoxide detector installed which is designed to give you a heads up whenever there is a toxic gas produced inside the machine. However, if you discover that the detector is not functioning anymore, switch off the furnace as quickly as possible. Inhaling these toxic gases can cause severe health issues, so start looking for a replacement. 


Dry air:

Another reason behind considering the replacement of your furnace is when it starts producing very dry air. This is a clear indication of the faulty filtration and humidity control system in your heater. Before it gets worse and the dry air blowing around your house becomes the reason for dehydration and cold symptoms, take a chance on replacing your furnace. 


Choose a heating appliance listed under Ontario energy savings rebate programs:

Whether your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced, finding a cost-effective solution becomes hard as nails in the winter season. Investing in a new furnace is a wise decision and all you need is fruitful home efficiency rebates. 


At, Constant Home Comfort Hamilton, we are offering AMAZING REBATES this holiday season with $2,300 worth of rebates available under the Ontario energy savings rebate program on installing a high-efficiency furnace, attic insulation and air sealing. 

Let’s cut down on your utility expenses and increase your home comfort this winter!



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