How Will I Know When to Replace My Attic Insulation? | Attic Insulation Contractor, London

How Will I Know When to Replace My Attic Insulation? | Attic Insulation Contractor, London

Attic insulation can be easily forgotten and overlooked, but if your attic is under insulated then it can be a serious problem for your house and your heating system. If you have fluctuating temperatures from floor to floor or ice dams on the outsider of your roof these can be signs that your insulation needs a check in and some maintenance.

It’s important to keep track of your attics insulation to help avoid damages to your home and have a comfortable living space all year round. CHC, an attic insulation company serving Waterloo, can work together with you to give you the comfortable home you deserve. If you have insulation issues or concerns you can count on CHC to be your trusted attic insulation contractor in London.


Are Fluctuating Temperatures A Constant Annoyance For You?

If certain rooms are noticeably different temperatures this can be tied to a lack of proper attic insulation. One room being significantly colder than another could means that the insulation in the attic above this area is more worn than in other locations. This is easy to test because you can determine this by walking around in your home and paying attention to the temperature, if suddenly you feel a chill and want a sweater when you walk up the stairs, this can apply to you.

Fluctuating temperatures can also be felt through the walls, floors and ceilings. By performing a touch test you can quickly analyze the interior of your house. If it is properly insulated throughout, the entirety of your home should feel constantly warm. Likewise, going outside and feeling the walls you’ll notice the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures because the insulation is trapping the heat inside your house. 


Do You Find Your Energy Bills Randomly Increasing?

If you noticed your energy bills suddenly acting different as compared to past years during this time it may be time to look into your insulation situation. When your attic insulation is getting broken down and old, it can result in certain areas not being protected and properly insulated. This will make your heating systems work harder to make up for this and end up running overtime, resulting in huge increases in your bills. 


How You Noticed You Have An Insect And Rodent Problem?

During summer it’s normal to find some fruit flies and other such small bugs that follow you through when coming and going from your house, but if you’ve found you have more than usual or even have issues with them during the middle of winter or fall this can be another sign of weak insulation. These tiny pests can enter through tiny crevices of your home where insulation is lacking and conversely help heat escape your house more and more. With proper attic insulation this can be avoided and seal off any tiny gaps that welcome in mice and bugs.


Find Leaks Coming From Your Ceiling?

This one many find as a sign of concern right away. A leak could come from various sources depending on the location in your home, a water spout outside, plumbing issues, overrunning dishwasher or laundry, and more. But coming from your ceiling this could be caused by your insulation and a mold problem. If mold forms in your attic this can lead to leaking problems and a high price tag of damages if not properly looked into and taken care of.


Is It Time To Replace Your Attic’s Insulation?

Turn to a Trusted Attic Insulation Contractor in London, ON.

As you can see with these multiple issues, the price tag on replacement insulation is well worth the price to avoid a bigger hit with damage to your home but rebates also make the decision easy! You can qualify for potentially thousands in rebates and even a free installation to get your home properly insulated once again! 

Constant Home Comfort London is here to help! Join other London homeowners and save thousands with your new high-efficiency product. Our skilled HVAC technicians also provide reliable same-day repairs for your Lennox air conditioner! Call us now at (226) 240-3219.

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