HVAC Rebates – What You Need to Know | Lennox / American Standard AC Repairs and Installation, Hamilton, Windsor

HVAC Rebates – What You Need to Know | Lennox / American Standard AC Repairs and Installation, Hamilton, Windsor

A good AC can be the difference between a comfortable home or a sweltering or even freezing home. Replacements, repairs, and additional features can seem expensive and unnecessary but when people realize the difference it makes for your house and bills they quickly change their mind! 

Still, some price tags can seem high depending on what situation your AC is in, luckily there are many rebate options out there to choose from to cut down that initial expense. 

Constant Home Comfort Hamilton helps you get the AC rebates that you deserve. We also provide Lennox AC repairs among other brands. Our Lennox air conditioner repairs in Hamilton are provided by op-notich service technicians at amazing quotes. Reach out to our expert team today and get the right air conditioner for the right price in Hamilton and Windsor!


The Home Efficiency Rebate can save you up to $5,000!

The Home Efficiency Rebate is run by Enbridge Gas Inc. offering potentially up to $5,000 for your energy-efficient upgrades! This rebate program is a great fit if you are looking to increase your home’s energy efficiency, giving you the benefit of saving money on the right upgrades for your home and your system. 

Additionally, with these upgrades added to your home, you’ll likely find your bills dropping and a reduction in your annual energy consumption, as well as a much more comfortable environment in your home.

The first step for this rebate is an energy audit if you have already started renovations its still possible to receive this rebate, contact Constant Home Comfort to see if its still an option for you. 

After the energy audit, you’ll receive an EnerGuide label and rating, which includes recommended upgrades that fit with your home and needs. This even comes with information regarding how much benefit you will see, giving you a potential before and after look so you can make the best decision. Because of this, it is recommended to get an audit before starting your upgrades so you know exactly what works best for you.


  • Bundle Offer 1: Receive a $2,150 rebate ($1,600 rebates + $550 in audit cost rebates) for making the following upgrades:
    • Furnace or boiler (replace your existing furnace unit with AFUE 96% or higher)
    • Attic insulation (pro-rated depending on the total ceiling area percentages upgraded
    • Achieve Air Sealing target or target + 10%


  • Bundle Offer 2: Receive a $1,400 rebate ($850 rebates + $550 in audit cost rebates) for making the following upgrades:
    • Insulate attic (can be pro-rated based on % completed)
    • Achieve Air Sealing target or target + 10%


Home Efficiency Rebate Eligibility

Many different upgrades can qualify for this rebate including; attic insulation, basement insulation, exterior wall insulation, windows & skylights, air sealing, doors, furnace/boiler, water heater, and more. 

A big advantage of the Home Efficiency Rebate as compared to other rebates available is eligibility is not based on income. This rebate is available to all homes heated by natural gas furnace or boiler serviced by Enbridge Gas (including the former Union Gas). 


What other HVAC Rebates are Available?

One such incentive is the Heating & Cooling Incentive Program (OPA) which helps residents in Ontario who have bought and installed the qualified and permitted central heating or cooling systems.

Toronto residents could be eligible for the new 2020 Low Carbon Economy Fund Program which will offer rebates for the purchase of approved energy-efficient products. This and the energy savings rebate has the goal of incentivizing residents to reduce energy use, save money, and address climate change. The Energy Savings Rebate program is available to people all across Ontario as well. 


Want To Start Saving While Relaxing In Your Comfortable House?

You might be a perfect fit for certain rebates. Each persons case is different depending on the brand of AC they use; when it was installed, make and model, location, specific issues, and more. 

This is why Constant Home Comfort Hamilton works with you to find your best fit and offer a variety of grants and rebates offered by the Government and utility companies all throughout Ontario. 


CHC is now expanding to Ottawa!

Constant Home Comfort is now providing services in Ottawa! Lennox and American Standard AC repair services in Ottawa, Lennox and American Standard AC installation in Ottawa, skilled HVAC technicians and amazing rebates!

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