Up to $10,600

HVAC Rebates (Updated 2023)

Get a Great Quote On the Spot + Rebates total up to $10,600

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What if you could reduce the cost of purchasing a new furnace or air conditioner in Ontario with rebates?

Wouldn’t it be great if Constant Home Comfort handled all the rebate processes for you?

 What if we guaranteed the rebates for you?

Call us anytime to get information about what rebates you likely qualify for at 1 888 675 5907.

HVAC Rebates up to $10,600 (Updated)

For a limited time Constant Home Comfort offers homeowners a wide variety of grants and rebates offered by the Government and utility companies in Ontario.

Depending on where you reside, you may or may not qualify for certain rebate opportunities. Call us to find out more: 1-888-829.1875!

Constant Home Comfort files rebates for you! Call us now at: 1-888-829-1875

Find out which rebates you qualify for.

Here’s how it works! We will do the following:

  • Provide Advice on how to Maximize Your Comfort & Savings
  • Inform you of Which Rebates You are Entitled to
  • Purchase and Install Your New Energy Efficient Heating or Cooling System
  • Get Rid of Your old Furnace or Air Conditioner
  • Handle Your Rebate Application
  • Provide a Professional and Quality After Service


Constant Home Comfort is a participating contractor through the Heating & Cooling Incentive Program(OPA). This incentive is for residents in Ontario who have bought and installed permitted central heating or cooling equipment.

Receive a quality system and save money on your energy bills with Constant Home Comfort. Our high efficiency systems give you rebate opportunities that we take care of for you! Sit back and enjoy your new system while we handle the rest!

Constant Home Comfort is dedicated to ensuring that your home is energy efficient. We want you to take advantage of every money saving opportunity. Satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Curious about how much you can receive back from rebates? Contact us now for a free consultation at 1.888.829.1875 or fill out a contact form here.

Questions? Let Us Help. 

There are many furnace brands to choose from. How do they compare? What features do the different models come with? What features are the most important?

Call us: 905-597-5593 or 1-888-829-1875

Customer Reviews

I have my Air Conditioning installed by this company, the technician so nice , I was so happy for what they done for me!


Great service from Constant Home Comfort for my house foam insulation in July 2018 , temperature in my house feels comfortable after they have done the job, highly recommended !


To Cary and his team I would love to recommend your company to all my friends, the speed in which you came to replace our furnace is amazing, although I was told by the installers I called there are no rebates, you have been able to get me the rebates and lower my cost significantly.


I had an excellent experience with Constant Home Comfort.  From the first phone call to constant home comfort, to the sales appointment all the way until the end of the installation process, i was completely impressed. Not only professionally, but friendliness and courtesy, which is very important to me. I have had bad experiences with HVAC companies before, but felt secure after the first phone call. I had replaced my furnace and a/c unit and Constant Home Comfort was able to save me more money than I initially thought, and they handled the paperwork for the rebates for me… made the process SO much less of a hassle on my end. Thanks guys! 


The process was amazing and customer service is extraordinary.


I bought a new air condition unit from Ally at Constant. Their service and workmanship was excellent. The tech -Alex took his time to complete the job.

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