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Indoor Air Quality -Air Cleaner


A, Electronic Air Cleaners contains 3 portions to its function process.

  1. Pre filter – 2 Pre filters -the pre filters are designed to go beside the elbow of the return register. They are designed to pick up majority of the contaminants in your home. Things like your dust, your hair, and the big stuff floating around your home. The pre filter is designed to pick that stuff up
  2. Cells – Electronic Cells are designed to kill unseen bacteria. Things like germicides. When these are maintenance and washed, they have to be completely dried to go back to the unit due to the fact that there will be electrical current through the unit. When it is dried, it avoids contact with moisture and electricity.
  3. Post filter – These carbon filters are designed to deal with odours. Because they only deal with odours, they are not washable. If you wash them you will ruin them. These filters are required to be replaced once every six months. These are placed on the furnace side of the electronic air cleaner.

B, Media Air CleanerThe Media Air cleaner is just a cabinet that would be in between from the Furnace unit and the Return airdrop. You simply slide in a filter in order to stop contaminants and bacteria before the return airflow into your home. Usually You can replace it every six months. This type of filters have 4 inches and 5 inches.

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