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You May Qualify For Free Attic Insulation for HER+ Rebates

If your are the user of ENBRIDGE/UNIONGAS, there is a rebate program for you (Ontario). Attic insulation can get up to $2,350 back from the Government & Enbridge.

Great news, for a small investment to top up your insulation, you may qualify for free service! Call now and we’ll give you a quote you can’t resist!

Many homes today (prior to 2010) have attic insulation ranging between R-10 and R-32. Our current building code is a minimum of R-60. By adding insulation your home and family will benefit from additional attic insulation.

As far as home improvements go, Attic insulation is not expensive compared to other upgrades like windows and doors and the payoff is quick. Poor insulation in your home is costing you money and increasing the chances for mold growth.

Are the second-floor bedrooms in your house always freezing in the winter? Is reaching a steady, comfortable temperature in your home a lost cause? Do you notice that your energy bills have been steadily increasing?

If yes, you may be neglecting an essential part of your home that’s responsible for keeping warm air inside your home where it belongs: the attic.

Attic Insulation: The Secret Upgrade for Staying Warm and Cozy at Home

The lack of heat you experience at home is almost always due to the lack of proper insulation and sealing in your attic. Without a minimum thickness of R50, your home experiences heat loss up to 40%. The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance. If there is loose, fluffy insulation in your attic it has a value of only about R3 per inch.

Measuring and calculating what you have is a great place to start when figuring out how much insulation you need to add. If you don’t have at least 16 inches of insulation in your attic, you’re letting money waft out of your home.

But with attic insulation, not only do you keep your home warm, but you also earn more energy savings back in your pocket!

A window air conditioning unit can suffice to keep a relatively small home cool during warm spring and summer days.

The cost of Installing a window unit costs depends on the size unit needed for your home. Having a window unit can bring added comfort to your home at a reasonable price but it is much less powerful than a central air conditioning system.

If you have a larger home with multiple rooms, a central air conditioning system would be a better choice. Homeowners can pay between $500 to $4000 for central a/c installation The cost depends on the unit, additional items needed such as duct-work and the installation rates.

Here are some additional factors that determine the kind of system you need, as well as the price.

Why Your Home Needs Attic Insulation Today – Before Winter Hits

As heat escapes through your attic from poor or no insulation, you’re not only losing out on the heat you’re paying for, but allowing snow to melt on your roof, which can create ice dams and excessive condensation. Saving money on heating costs or potential external weather-related damage is always the goal for winter, so by insulating your attic, temperatures remain stable and circulate within it, giving you the best return on your investment. As a result, you can reduce heat loss through your attic by up to 80% with increased insulation.

You May Qualify for Free Attic Insulation And Earn Energy Rebates in Ontario!

The more energy your home loses, the more money your heating systems costs you in the long run. Fortunately, by upgrading your home’s heating systems, you can lower your energy consumption and earn savings at the same time.

When you get your attic insulation installed, you can qualify for the Home Energy Conservation(HEC) Program that allows you to increase your home’s energy efficiency, lower your monthly bills, and reduce your footprint on the environment.

By choosing this energy upgrade along with one other energy upgrades offered by Enbridge, you receive 15% in fuel savings, and qualify for exclusive rebates and incentives for saving energy.

You can earn up to $4250 in furnace heating rebates with your upgrades, and access incentives worth up to $2100. Take a look at how you can qualify for savings this winter by:

  1. Having a natural gas, oil, or propane boiler/furnace OR wood stove
  2. Living within the Enbridge Gas Program Delivery Area
  3. Being an Enbridge Gas customer with an open account and anon time payment record
  4. Contacting an Enbridge Gas approved Certified Energy Auditor to ensure your qualification.
Give us a call at 1-888-675-5907 to see if you qualify, so you can start saving today!

Our attic insulation service starts with taking all the necessary precautions to ensure your installation goes smoothly. We adhere to the following steps for a quick and safe installation:

  • Wood sheeting is placed on the attic floor for safe maneuvering within the small space
  • Installation of soffit baffles to ensure air flow into the attic is not blocked
  • Distribution of insulation first in the farthest corner from the attic entrance for easy access during installment
  • Adjusting insulation to obstacles like cross-braces or pipes as we go
  • Keeping insulation at least 3” from recessed lighting fixtures to avoid fire hazards

Not being weary of such important steps can cause problems during and after installment. Our technicians have many years of industry experience and know all the specifics and in-and-outs that may be overlooked by other technicians.

Qualify for Free Attic Insulation Today

Adding attic insulation delivers the greatest return on investment for most Canadian homes. As energy prices rise, deeper applications of attic insulation make more economic sense. Even homes built to code just two years ago may not meet the minimum levels required for new homes today. So, if you live with one or more of the common heat loss problems in your home, it may be time for popping up your attic with more insulation.

Think it’s impossible to keep your home extra warm AND save on energy bills? Think again. Stay comfortable indoors, and earn substantial energy rebates with an attic insulation! It pays to save on energy, so contact us at 1 888 675 5907 for installation today.

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