Crawl Space Insulation

A number of homes in the Toronto&Vancouver have what are most often referred to as crawlspaces. Crawlspaces are open spaces underneath a portion of your home. They are very common in areas where there is high level s of moisture in the soil.

The absence of a proper insulation in your crawl space area in your home can result in major heat loss during the winter and a substantial cool air loss during the summer months. When temperatures vary, moisture tends to build up in the crawlspace, creating mold, mildew, rot amongst other problems.

If you have a crawlspace, contact us now, so that we can determine if it needs insulation. If it is not insulated, the job to complete the insulation is quite simple.

Unconditional Crawl Space-This type of crawl space requires insulation, ventilation and vapor barriers. Insulation is installed between the floor joists.

Conditional Crawl Space-For most crawl spaces, a vapour barrier covers the ground similarly to the unconventional one. Insulation is applied to the rim joist, down the wall and onto the floor because the vapour barrier should be installed to cover the insulation.

Tip: Covering the ground with polyethylene sheeting will reduce moisture buildup that can cause mold or damage to wood above.

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