Is the Rain Secretly Damaging Your AC? Find Out Here! | Air Conditioner Price, Windsor

Is the Rain Secretly Damaging Your AC? Find Out Here! | Air Conditioner Price, Windsor

Safe to say, we’re having a rainy summer in Canada this year. The extreme heat coupled with high humidity levels makes your AC your new best friend. But wait, is your unit being put through its paces because of the unadulterated exposure to rainfall? Will it suddenly conk off when you need it the most? We’re about to answer all your burning questions!

If your old AC is down for the count and you need a quick replacement in your Markham home, Constant has got you covered! We offer American Standard ACs at amazing prices; plus you may just be able to access some very attractive rebates when you install a new unit! 

Without further ado, let’s find out if the rain spells bad news for your air conditioner.


Can I Switch My AC On During Rain?

Yes, you can! Central ACs are comprised of 2 separate devices; an evaporator coil and a compressor unit. The compressor (stationed outside your home) is subject to the elements, however, it was designed to maintain its integrity and not cave to the wind, snow, hail or rain. The electrical connectors are sealed so that direct moisture stays out. 

The only time your cooling system may be in danger is when there is a flood. Remember, your compressor is not engineered to be submerged in water. If there is flooding around the unit, turn off the AC from the electrical panel to offset the damage. 


Should I Cover My Air Conditioner in The Rain?

Your AC does not call for any special protection during the rainfall assuming, that is, you do not live in an area where there are extreme conditions. If you do cover your AC, make sure that the cover is manufacturer-approved. Typically, the cover should have tiny openings to let the air circulate in the outside compressor. This is to prevent moisture from getting trapped in the unit and corroding delicate parts. 


The Rain Might Just Help AC Performance!

That’s right! When it rains, the coil cools down and any accumulated dust thereon washes away. A clean coil repels heat faster and that enhances the performance of the AC. 

Again, watch out for too much rain. Lightning and power outages suggest that you should switch off your AC from the thermostat and the circuit breaker in order to reduce potential risks. 


Need a New Unit? Choose American Standard!

If you’re in the market for a brand new AC, why not choose the very best? American Standard has been around for 2 centuries and has perfected indoor comfort. It offers great rebates on ACs and furnaces for GTA homeowners. You can receive as much as $1,499 with your new HVAC equipment and stay cool all summer long. When you shop through Constant, rest assured that you will receive reliability, sustainability, and affordability. 


Save Thousands With Your New High-Efficiency AC

Apart from our amazing warranties, our skilled HVAC technicians also provide expert installation and post-installation support. 

Call us at 1-888-675-5907 for a great quote (and even greater rebates!)


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