Is Your Furnace Sending You These 3 Warning Signs?

Is Your Furnace Sending You These 3 Warning Signs?

We’re on the cusp of a brutal winter and you’re not sure whether your furnace is quite up to par. As a homeowner in the GTA, you’re well aware of how crucial it is to have a furnace that operates in peak condition. When your heating system is down for the count, you and your family will be subjected to immense discomfort and perhaps even health-related hazards on a frigid day.

No matter your home’s requirements, at Constant Home Comfort we offer high-efficiency Lennox furnaces that can elevate your fuel-efficiency to 98% and drastically reduce your monthly energy bill. Depending on the unit you invest in, you will also be eligible for generous rebates!


Furnace Repair vs Replacement

There are no textbook answers to the conundrum of whether you should patch up your current unit or upgrade to a better model. However, there are some factors that will help make your decision that much easier. Whether you opt for a repair or replacement, there are certain warning signs that you simply shouldn’t ignore, lest they turn into a crisis that can’t be magicked away at the last minute.


  1. You Detect Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

If you have a system that emits carbon monoxide, skip repair and go straight to replacement. Nothing is worth putting you or your family in harm’s way. Usually, furnaces that have cracked combustion chambers emit this gas. As it is colourless, tasteless and odourless, carbon monoxide is considered to be a silent killer.

Research indicates that over 2000 people died of unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning between 2010 and 2015. Of this number, the most deaths happened during winter as a result of regular furnace use. If inhaled over a long period of time, the gas can definitely be detrimental.

Being as inconspicuous as it is, the question is, how do you tell whether your furnace is emitting carbon monoxide? Well, here are the most common indicators:

  • The burner flame in your furnace is yellow instead of blue


  • There is an inexplicable increase in the moisture on your home’s walls, windows and other such surfaces.


  • There is a premature rusting on the pipes.


  • You notice streaks of soot around your unit.


  • There is a noticeable absence of an upward draft in your chimney.


  • You and your family experience disorientation, nausea, flu-like symptoms and headaches.


  1. You’ve Had Your Current Unit for Over 15 Years

No matter the size of the investment or the quality of the unit, no furnace will last forever. A good system will provide about 15-30 years of reliable service before it finds itself on its last legs. Between said timeframe, your furnace will require more and more repairs with increased signs of wear and tear. Of course, it will be different for each unit depending on the brand and the quality.

When the furnace ages, its parts won’t function as efficiently. They fail to stay up to par with your home’s heating requirements. With an increased strain to perform, your monthly energy bill is sure to spike tremendously as the furnace starts using more energy to do the same functions it once performed so smoothly.

In essence, if you find yourself spending a lump sum on continually repairing the old piece, a more economic decision would be to switch to a better system. Repair if the unit is less than 15 years old, and you find that the cost to repair is less than half the cost of a replacement. Replace if you have to incur frequent repairs and steep heating overheads.


  1. Your Furnace Lets Out Strange Noises

This is your furnace crying out for help – quite literally! Of course, all furnaces let out a customary thunk when being switched on and off. However, if yours makes unexpected noises that get louder and louder with time, it’s time to have it replaced.

Even the type of noise you hear serves as a good indicator. If there’s a humming, screeching or popping, you should call in a specialist to have a look at it. Noises are emitted due to a variety of reasons — unsecured ductwork, unbalanced motors, deteriorating parts, motor failure, etc.

Repair a system that you’ve purchased recently if the specialist tells you that it is possible to restore it to excellent health post-repair. Replace if your system is over 15 years and calls for constant maintenance for damaged parts.


Made a Decision on Whether to Replace or Repair Your Furnace?

With Constant, you can purchase a new furnace from as low as $799 after rebates (TOCs apply). Contact us at 1 888 675 5907 right away to book an appointment for affordable services by a qualified furnace expert!

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